Week 8 Response Journal Paper

Week 8 Response Journal. okay I would like to talk about race and i have attached the references you should be able to use for that topic





Week 8 Response Journal

            Race is defined as a group of individuals who share given characteristics, not always physicals ones, and belong to a similar bloodline. Usually, human beings have varying physical appearances for instance hair texture or eye color and thus its surprising to say that racial variations do not exist. Regarding race a myth, therefore, reveals that human beings see the concept as socially constructed in efforts to create a reality that makes sense about the world, rather than seeing race as the natural reality it is (326). Human beings tell themselves stories and create myths regarding race and they end up acting and believing in them. People later exhibit these practices for instance by conducting separate marriages and establishing varying reproductive systems within the communities.

            A good illustration of the concept of race is the passage of the naturalization law by the Congress in 1790 which limited the American citizenships rights to the white individuals. Such an act is restrictive in the sense that it colored the American citizenship by granting citizenship to whites only. The law further gives a deeper understanding of whiteness. The ruling resulted in the theorization of the racial variations between the population of the whites, and various concerns were raised. Some of the concerns included who to be counted as whites, who fitted for governance and who would be the future generations in America (327).             The inclusiveness of the Americans led to the splinting into various groups of Anglos and other barbarous people. The Americans started distinguishing themselves from the Celtics, Swedes, and Slavs (327). The immigration act of 1924 further formalized the inclusiveness of the white individuals by establishing restrictions on yearly immigrations form each country.

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