Web-based alumni management system Essay

Web-based alumni management system Essay

Web-based alumni management system Essay

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A. Identify all stakeholders and conduct a stakeholder analysis using what you have learned in chapter two. Feel free to use fake names for stakeholders not mentioned in the description.

B. After studying chapter 4, develop a Project Charter.

Requirements: Unlimited length   

Student Name:

Course Name:

Professor Name:


Project Title: Web-based alumni management system

Date of Authorization: Sept 27th, 2021

Project start date:  Sept 27th, 2021,     Projected finish date: Sept 1st, 2022

Introduction: Riverside College plans to upgrade the existing alumni management system to a web-based online system. The projects charter documents the project description, key milestones, objectives, budget, success criteria, and approach. The charter is developed in the discussion of all stakeholders and aims to increase alumni engagement and increase student admission enrollment overall.

Project description: A web-based online system that will help to manage alumni data and effectively allow former students to update their information. Also, provide an easy way for an effective communication network for students, alumni, and the college staff. 

Key schedule milestone:

Vendors complete submitting their proposal by Jan 31, 2022.

The implementation web-based alumni system in summer (May-August), 2022

Roll out the system by Sept 1st , 2022.

Budget Information: The Riverside College has allocated sufficient funds for this project as the vendor budget proposal. And aside more funds about $ 50,000-100,000 for data security concerns. The development of the web-based system will be awarded to a vendor company and provide maintenance after establishment.

Project Manager: Nicolas Smith, (650)985-2623,

Project Objectives: The web-based management alumni system is critical for Riverside College. The objective is to implement the project by summer (May-August), 2022, and rollout on Sept 1st, 2022.  The system will help in accessing alumni information in real-time and boost alumni networking among the student, staff, former students.

Main Project Success Criteria: The web-based system design must meet our intended users(alumni) and all written specification, tested and competed at the specified time. The stakeholders’ inputs must be considered to have a user-friendly system. The vice-president will approve the project with close in touch with the key stakeholders.


  • Search for vendors by December 2021 and request their proposals by Jan 31, 2022, to develop the web-based system and submitted by email (  )
  • The Chief Procurement Officer approves the fittest vendor by the end of April.
  • The selected vendor will start to develop the system and implement it in the summer, 2022.
  • The vendor will give weekly progress, and all stakeholders will be involved.
  • Conduct web-based testing per the approved test plans.

Roles and Responsibilities

Prof. Lucy
John AdamsChief information
Sophia KingChief finance
Ella FloresChief operating
Mason YoungChief information security
David CampbellChief strategy
James GreenChief procurement
Dr. Sofia HillDepartment
Dr. Nau TorresDepartment

Signatures of the above stakeholders


The web-based alumni management system is a bright idea for me as an alumnus to stay connected to Riverside college- Riley Perez.

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