Visual Imagery Sample Essay

Visual Imagery Sample Essay.

Visual Imagery Sample Essay

Visual Imagery

PSYCH/640 Cognitive Psychology


It is said that humans rely on at least two methods of thought: visual (imagery) and verbal (inner speech).   The mystery is, do they rely on each other or are their methods independent of each other. To answer this old age, question an experiment was done including Fmri and behavioral study. Forty-two adults were asked to silently generate a sentence or to create a visual image.  Secondly, they were asked to judge the clear/ clarity of the resulting image. If visual thinking and verbal are self-aware then clarity should be high under the inner-speech instructions and low under the visual- imagery instructions.  The results show that behavioral experiment is very similar and suggest that an irregularity exists between inner-speech and visual imagery.

Scientist suggest that we put together words within our mind and carry out multiple conversations, but in our minds, eye we create pictures in our childhood memories. Psychology suggest that our language is in the left side of our brain and our visual image is on the right. The verbal involves thinking more conceptual, factual, liner, and conscious. The visual (imagery) is more holistic, fantasy- based, sensory, personal, and emotional. Imagery is connected to smell, touch, and sound, it enhances the senses.  I believe that imagery is the better of the two. It’s suggest that babies process their experience in imagery before verbal. They respond to their sensations: symbolism, imagination, and fantasy.  Many scientists have investigated this theory such as (Assagioli,1965, Goldberger,1957 Jellineck, 1949; Kanzer,1958; kubie,1943; Warren suggest that visual imagery serves as transportation for representations of unconscious conflicts.

A method by Reyher (1963) suggested that visual imagery has very powerful properties. The procedure which is free imagery consist of individual patient asking to describe visual images that he/she that came to their mind, such as body sensations and feelings. The experiment results concluded that visual imagery is very easily influenced by the unconscious than verbal material.  The test also revealed that people can be leading to encounter extreme visual fantasies that take over and manifest of the “dream work”. Psychology suggest that:

1.Visual imagery is accompanied by more anxiety than is verbal association.

2. Visual imagery shows more signs of primary- process regulation than verbal association.

3. The expression of drives is more direct in visual imagery than in verbal association.

One thing for sure is that the human mind is a great tool of surprises, and even though study show that we encounter visual before verbal both help give the other an identity.


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