Virginias counseling board regulations

Virginias counseling board regulations.

I live in Virginia and 3 statutes/rules that I find interesting are the residency requirements, the annual renewal of licensure, and the standards of practice.

The Residency Requirements

The residency requirements that is listed under 18VAC115-20-52 states that an applicant applying for licensure shall have completed 3,400-hour supervised residency in the role of a professional counselor (Board of Counseling Laws and Regulations, 2020). This statute is interesting because thinking of a normal school day as being 8 hours long, this would take a person about 425 days to complete. In retrospect that seems like a long time but in the end, it is worth it. I agree with this statute because it is important for an applicant applying for licensure to have the hands-on and supervised experience in addition to the course and degree requirements. It gives them a better understanding and real life experience of the profession they are going into. It also helps them being supervised to receive feedback on what a person is doing great on and what could be improved.

The Annual Renewal of Licensure

The annual renewal of licensure that is listed under 18VAC115-100 states that “all licensees shall renew licenses on or before June 30 of each year” (Board of Counseling Laws and Regulations, 2020). This is interesting because before doing my research, I would have thought it was a license that needed to be renewed every few years versus every year. I agree that this is important because it helps keep not only the counselors up to date on the requirements that need to be met, but it helps ensure that there are only the best counselors out there because they have to make the decision to renew every year. For a school counseling degree, it is especially important to make sure that the needs for the children are served. “The profession of school counseling is in a period of redefining its industry. It is essential that the leaders of the school counseling field shape the discussion, which involves a number of critical issues that will define the future direction of school counseling.” (Kaffenberger, C.J., Murphy, S., and Bemak, F.). With having the licensure renewal yearly, it helps ensure that the right people are shaping these children’s minds and lives in the most accurate way.

The Standards of Practice

The standards of practice that is listed under 18VAC115-20-130 states that “the protection of the public health, safety, welfare and the best interested of the public shall be the primary guide in determining the appropriate professional conduct of all persons whose activities are regulated by the board” (Board of Counseling Laws and Regulations, 2020). This is evident and important because counseling is a field of work where professionalism and ethics is key. It is a profession working directly with others and their well-being is key. There are multiple variables that can affect a student’s success and growth and for that reason, the school-counseling program is a vital part of the system (Standards for School Counseling Programs in Virginia Public Schools, 2004, pg. 2). Following the standards of practice helps keep the counselors responsible that they are doing their responsible duty as a counselor.

The three of these statutes/rules are all regulations that are important in regards to counseling. A counselor of any kind is a person who is willing to help others and figure out their needs to help them succeed, not only just in the school system, but also in life. Rules and regulations are set in place to not only help the one following them, but to help those who are in the counselors care. I believe all the statutes/rules/regulations set by Virginia all are important and necessary for a counselor to succeed in the field.


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Nice post

I am pleased by your post’s insights, and Virginias counseling board regulations appear almost similar to South Carolina, and thus I agree. The residency requirement is an exciting read that ignites a curiosity within any reader. In particular, supervisors are endorsed with the obligation of enhancing the fulfillment of the ordeal. The 425 days period is a long time, but the efforts are worth it in the end. In some way, I can suggest a reconsideration of the same since being an internship for one year and above can be traumatizing to most counselors. The licensure’s annual renewal is another exciting rule that caught your attention, and I can concur with you. The routine is vital towards enhancing professionalism in the working places to anyone who might assume counseling as a career. In South Carolina, I will have to research on the same. Your final summary of the standard of practice should be offered much weight since, without ethics, the career can lose its integrity and faith from clients.

Accordingly, work ethics can be compromised sometimes but professionally is defined during demanding situations. The structure of the analyses is easy, and one can identify the flow of ideas. In South Carolina, I trust the professionals practice empathy when dealing with the client. Further, Resilience and honesty count as part of the working code of ethics since it defines the state’s ideal structure and its counselors. Therefore I can concur that there is much to learn from your summary, and I will wish to view other rules that failed to capture your attention following the link offered. I hope that once we graduate, some of the regulations will still be in place for us to exercise them in reality. Overall, learning the regulations and working according to the guidelines will escalate the profile of any counselor around the various states.

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