Video Games Sample Essay Paper

Video Games Sample Essay Paper.

Video Games Sample Essay Paper

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The template is formatted in APA style with a cover page, necessary headings, and a final page for references. The template also includes guidance in a blue font describing what information should be included in each section of the paper.

Requirements: College responses, meaningful writing


THESIS: Consequently, video games are beneficial to children and adolescents as they have been demonstrated to have various benefits, including reducing anxiety and depression and developing financial independence. On the other hand, they have been shown to enhance aggressiveness in children and adolescents

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of video games
  3. Brief description of video games
  4. The debate about the merit and demerit of video games
  5. Thesis
  6. Argument
  7. How video games reduce anxiety and depression in children and adolescents
  8. Video games, and anxiety and depression in young gamers
  9. Video games and anxiety disorders
  10. How video games promote financial independence in young gamers
  11. Description of how video games help young gamers earn income and become financially independent at a tender age
  12. How video games can boost learning
  13. Brief background how video games have been used to enhance learning among young people
  14. Simulations medical and military training institutions
  15. Counterargument
  16. Depiction of how video games increase aggressiveness in children and adolescents
  17. A brief explanation of how video games intensify aggression young gamers
  18. How technological advancement has aided the development of aggression in children and adolescents
  19. Conclusion
  20. Summary about video games, their merits, and demerits
  21. My stand about video games

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Video games are interactive computer games with the primary goal of entertaining the gamer. Video games enable gamers to engage with two- and three-dimensional virtual environments while following various guidelines and regulations, which differ from game to game. They can be played both offline and online. Video games have become a symbol of luxury in our contemporary technology-driven culture. While unquestionably entertaining, there is significant debate about whether they have a beneficial or bad impact on young and teenage gamers and culture. Even though research on this topic is still in its early stages, studies on the advantages and drawbacks of this popular hobby continue to be published. Consequently, I am of the opinion that video games are beneficial to children and adolescents as they have been demonstrated to have various benefits, including reducing anxiety and depression, developing financial independence, and boosting learning; still, they have been shown to enhance aggressiveness in children and adolescents.


For starters, research has shown that video games may help children and teenagers overcome anxiety and depression. Video games have been shown to lessen the symptoms of anxiety and depression in young gamers and maintain their mental health for years to come. Since adolescent gamers spend less time engaging with the harsh facts of life and instead prefer to spend their time playing video games, it has a favorable effect on their mental health  (“The Benefits of Playing Video Games,” 2021). In the long run, they get fast relief from nervousness and depression. Furthermore, video games can assist young gamers in confronting various anxiety problems and forming healthy connections with their peers. As a result, it may help them overcome any interpersonal anxiety issues and become more valuable individuals.

Second, video games encourage young people to be financially independent. International tournaments are organized worldwide, assisting young gamers in earning money and becoming financially self-sufficient at a tender age. When young players get into their adult life, they may also use their prompt introspection and cognitive capabilities to generate good extra income from online casino games  (Granic et al., 2021). As a result, gamers will have an edge in their daily lives since they will have improved reflexes and problem-solving abilities. Young players may also earn from world championships and competition, but only when they are above 18 years of age can they gain from online legal casino video games.

Youngsters have been found to benefit from video games when it comes to learning. Video games, according to studies, can help young people learn better, especially those who are at a tender age. When video games are used in the classroom, educators observe improved exam outcomes. Moreover, games allow kids to acquire knowledge and apply what they have mastered in a real-life setting (“The Benefits of Playing Video Games,” 2021). Furthermore, both medical and military training programs employ simulation-style games to teach competencies and strategies. As a result, including video games in a child’s schooling can significantly improve their intellectual capacity.


On the reverse side, video gaming is generally recognized to exacerbate younger players’ aggressive behaviour. Video games are frequently violent, forcing the player to hurt or murder opponents to proceed. Moreover, due to consoles and personal computers’ extremely rapid and continual technical development, these contents are typically shown with a substantial percentage of realism. Furthermore, numerous studies have discovered a clear relationship between violent video games and aggressive behaviour among children and adolescents (“Exploring the Pros and Cons of Video Gaming,” 2021). As a result, there’s a chance that the player may acquire and practice violent scripts by accurately replicating aggressive actions.


Video games are games played using interactive electronic gadgets like computers and are mostly for the entertainment and amusement of gamers. While entertaining, their relatively good or bad impacts on children and adolescent gamers and culture are debatable. Ultimately, I support the notion that video games are valuable for young gamers as they considerably reduce anxiety and sadness, offer financial independence, and boost learning; however, if they are abused, they may lead to aggressive behaviour.


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