Union Triumphant History Case Study

Union Triumphant History Case Study.

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You will find your textbook online. Please read the introduction to chapter 15, which deals with the U.S. Civil War. You will find it here. (Links to an external site.)  Then read Section 15.4 The Union Triumphant (Links to an external site.). From Section 15.4, selection one sentence, and quote it. Make one comment about the section. Ask one question that occurs to you about the section.

Union Triumphant  

“At the beginning of the war, in 1861 and 1862, Union forces had used contrabands, or escaped slaves, for manual labor.” Butler, an army general, declared slaves as contrabands of war. The term meant that the enslaved individuals were enemy property that was liable to seizure during war periods. Notably, the slaves were categorized in a similar segment with food, ammunition, and weapons. It is worth noting that the generals were expected to revert the slaves to their masters after the war’s eruption. The majority of the projections secured the well-being of the untrained personnel, but hopes were pegged on their survival for the masters to continue gaining from the slaves (” The Union Triumphant”, 2020). Confederate military efforts could not have succeeded if the general failed to approach the war informally. In some way, the move was risky since the issuance of freedom to slaves might alienate the Border States in support of the union. Once the soldiers were enrolled, racial prejudice occupied the central post with minimal military duties. For example, the African Americans led the cohort that dug trenches and cooking.

           Therefore following the inception of the less expected motive during the war ignites a series of questions. In particular, I am forced to ask why contrabands are effective in war compared to other military personnel. In connection to the question, I would wish to know how effective was interaction and cohesion in war irrespective of the high racial profiling. I feel the cited query exploits possible issues that can be transformed into modern society, and implementing changes can mitigate impending effects.


The Union Triumphant. (2020). Retrieved from

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