Tim Cook’s interview Sample Essay

Tim Cook’s interview Sample Essay.

Tim Cook's interview Sample Essay

Wk6 Apply Video Assignment – Tim Cook’interview.

The video shows the driving force behind the successes of Apple Company. Tim Cook, the CEO explains how the values that were instilled in him from his upbringing reflected in his leadership style..

He retorted that, “most people think ethics is all about accounting fraud and inside trading’. But he thinks that ethics is more of thinking about the environment, the employees, footprints of your products, and leaving things better than you find them

The video relates to week 6 objectives about ethical leadership, moral person and moral manager. Giving voice to value considers values to be the first pillar of the methodology of his position as a CEO of a successful publicly traded Company

Values are pillars of any organization, they are the beliefs system that measures a person (or) person to organization.

Steve Cook knows that Apple has a number of Obligations towards the stakeholders, the need to provide satisfactory and fair services to the customers. But all could not be achieved if he is not that moral person becoming a moral manager, and having a greater influence on his surbidinates in building ethically oriented environment for Apple

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