“The Walking on the Water” Essay

“The Walking on the Water” Essay.

“The Walking on the Water” Essay

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Please post an MLA formated PDF document answering the following: Refer to “My Favorite Pericope” Assignment to complete Part 2

(1) Does your favorite Gospel story (pericope) have any footnotes included? If yes, type them out (word for word).
(2) Does your favorite Gospel story have any cross references? If yes, list them all. After each cross refernce, go to those cross references and answer (a) is this story told in another Gospel and/or (b) if the cross refernce gives you more informaiton about the story, what is that additional information?
(3) After considering both the footnotes and cross – references, what new insights or “Ah-Ha” did you expereince that you did not know about before. Be specific. I will attach a photo of the bible verse with their “footnotes” circled.I also will attach a picture of exactly what this assignment should look like.

Requirements: follow the example  

walking on water is the bible story

I’m sending the footnote for my bible story





“The Walking on the Water” Footnotes and Cross References

  1. My favorite gospel pericope is “The Walking on the Water Pericope.” The pericope has footnotes as outlined below;

– 14:19 MT 26:26 the taking, saying the blessing, breaking, and giving to the disciples corresponds to the actions of Jesus over the bread at the last supper. Since they were usual at any Jewish meal, that correspondence does not necessarily indicate a Eucharistic reference he. Matthew’s silence about Jesus dividing the fish among the people (Mk6:41) is perhaps more significant in that regard.  14:20 the fragments left over: as in Elisha’s miracle, food was left over after all had been fed. The word fragments (Greek klasmata) are used, in the singular, of the broken bread of the Eucharist in Didache 9:3-4. 14:22-33 the disciples, laboring against the turbulent sea, are saved by Jesus. For his power over the waters, see note on Mt 8:26. Here that power is expressed also by his walking in the sea (Mt 14:25; cf.Ps 77:20; Jb9:8. Matthew has inserted into the Marcan story (Mk 6:45-52) material that belongs to his special traditions on Peter (Mt 14:28-31). 14:25 the fourth watch of the night between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. The Romans divided the twelve hours between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. into four equal parts called “watches.”  14:27 it is I: see note on Mk: 50. 14:31 you of little faith: see note on Mt 6: 30. Why did you doubt? the verb is particular to Matthew and occurs elsewhere only in Mt 28:17. 14:33 this confession is in striking contrast to the Marcan parallel (Mk 6:51), where the disciples are “completely astounded.” 15: 1-20 This dispute begins with the question of the Pharisees and scribes why Jesus’ disciples are breaking the tradition of the elder about washing one’s hands before eating (Mt15:2). Jesus’ counter question accuses his opponents of breaking the

2.Yes, my favorite pericope has a few cross-references. They are:

-Luke 12:36-48

-The pericope is found in the gospel book of Luke 12:36-48, where Jesus warns his disciples on the need to stay watchful throughout the watches of the night. The reference in Luke 12: 36-48 is about a parable that Jesus says to his disciples, warning them on the need to be ready for his second coming. The parable includes a master who leaves his servants in charge and comes back when no one expects hence, finding them not ready for his return. The servants who fail to perform well in their master’s absence are whipped, while those who were diligent and obedient are rewarded. The servants who were not informed about the master’s absence were not questioned, but those who knew were held accountable. The reference affirms that to those much is given, much is expected of them.

– Psalms 63:6

-Psalms 63:6 talks of rejoicing in the lord and being watchful during the watches of the night even while in bed. The cross-reference gives more information on the story on the watches of the night and how one should always be ready for the return of Lord Jesus. The reference gives an instance where a follower of Christ is ready for his coming such that he does rejoices even while asleep because he is ready for Jesus’ second coming.

  • Matthew 22: 2-14

-The pericope is also relatable to the story in the gospel of Matthew 22:2-14, which talks about the invitation to the wedding, the guest was not ready and did not turn up, and so the King invited those who were ready despite no prior notice. This cross-reference gives more information on how the chosen few will be caught off-guard like the guests who were not ready, and so Jesus will go with those who are ready. The wedding reflects the heavenly kingdom, and the invites are made to everyone, except that not many people are ready or willing to commit to the terms of the heavenly kingdom. This reading illustrates how Jesus’ second coming will find most people unprepared and busy with their own lives.

– Ephesians 5: 22-30

– The book of Ephesians 5:22-30 is about Jesus giving direction to the church by directing women to be submissive to their husbands and present themselves as holy and clean to him. Jesus uses wives’ submission to their husbands as a reflection of what the church should be about. The book gives more information on how the church should be ready for Jesus’ second coming just as the wives prepare and gets ready in submission to their husbands. Besides, in this book, there is more information about love and the body of Christ. It talks about the husbands loving their wives and appreciating them as they appreciate their bodies. The body in this reading is used symbolically to mean the body of Christ, which every person should strive to keep holy by achieving righteousness.

3.  After considering both the footnotes and cross-references, I have become clearer about the seven signs.

– I have learned more detail on the first sign, the story of the replacement of Jewish ceremonial washing.  The Pharisees were not happy that Jesus’ disciples were eating before washing their hands. According to the Jewish washing hand before, eating is such a principal tradition, and they expected everyone to follow it. Jesus, in defense of his disciples, said that whatever goes into a person’s mouth does not defile him but instead what comes out of the mouth. This helped in understanding why the disciples did not bother to wash their hands. Interestingly, some believers may not eat certain foods or meals with a claim that it may defile them; however, relating to this reading, it is obvious that food does not defile a person; instead, it comes out of their mouths.  For instance, some Christians prohibit eating pork with an argument, pigs are unclean animals, but to some extent, the reading raises a concern and a good argument for a Christian who loves pork.

– Another insight I have gained from the pericope and cross-references is that Jesus’ second coming will not be predictable, so the Christian believers should be ready for Jesus’ return. From the pericope and cross-references, it is clear that Jesus will return at a time not known to any person. From the cross-references, it is clear that not even the angels in heaven know the turn of Jesus’ return. Therefore, Christians are called to be watchful all the time. Be it at the day or night, Christians are called to be watchful.

– To some extent, this explains why the Romans divided the twelve hours from 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. into four watches of the night. Initially, I did not understand why there are four watches of the night nor their purpose. However, through this work, I now understand how the four watches of the night came to be and why it is important to be alert. A Christian believer should organize their prayers and thanksgiving according to the four watches of the night. Initially, I thought that Christians should only pray before they sleep or early in the morning. It is interesting to learn that just like Muslims pray as often as possible, so should the Christians, especially during the four watches of the night.

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