The Purpose of Literature Sample Essay

The Purpose of Literature Sample Essay.

The Purpose of Literature Sample Essay
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The Purpose of Literature

Literature identifies as a vital heritage for any society as it discloses all the attributes of culture and tradition. Literature either in spoken or written form serves a fundamental purpose in the continuity of community culture (Ismail). Moreover, literature excellently puts together norms, practices, history, traditions and values of a community as a collective revelation (Earle). Essentially, a lot of meaning is attributable to literature as a discipline and a way of the unfolding of vital aspects of culture and tradition.

First, literature serves as a tool for preserving and passing over cultural heritage from generation to another. The identities of communities are unveiled through a set of songs, poems, stories, and other forms of literature. Considerably, the greatest of history about cultures and tradition is best preserved in the form of literature which lives through generations (Ismail). Without literature, communities do not have a thing to pass to the forthcoming generation and culture, values and tradition would disappear like smoke in the air. Despite the evolution of the world, the essence of literature does not suffer the slightest loss in value (Earle). Literature is the lifeline of the world’s identity irrespective of immense evolution in other aspects of the society.

Secondly, literature serves as a tool for entertainment and connects people to magical fantasies. As a tool of entertainment, it is crucial to get into an enthusiastic mood and enjoy extensive imaginations either in theatres or admiring other literary works. The primary intention of literature work is to connect with the audience to a fantasy world as the creators or authors would intend. As an entertainment element, literature stimulates a feeling of happiness and excitement which can be barely matched by anything else. Literature is much more purposeful as a source of entertainment and it is an invaluable link between the audience, the author, and imaginary fantasy.

Third, literature serves as a natural mechanism of learning and interacting with different cultures, traditions, and norms. The education of a society takes different formats while literature identifies as one effective approach. Literature delivers learning through advocating for social norms and values which essentially ties the society together (Earle). Considerably, the use of literary works in learning provides an edge in the social construction of the students as it constitutes information concerning the issues and social elements around learners.

Literature also serves the purpose of deliberating consciousness into the existence of a society. It is naturally uncommon that people would take note of most of their surrounding and their exceptional values without literature work stepping in between (Earle). Literature works to open up people to a broader perspective of seeing the world which includes living and non-living things and their essence to the world (Ismail). The praise of the scenic geography and the sweetness of birds’ melodious chirping would not have any meaning without involvement in literature. In essence, literature introduces the society to a whole new level of seeing things that exist around them.

Lastly, literature serves a collective purpose of uniting the society through diverse approaches. The different forms of literature serve a better deal of pinning down the fundamental aspect of culture and tradition of the society. Considerably, literature is inscribed as a part of the society and would hardly be extinct regardless of the level of advancement and dynamism of the world. Literature proves to be extra powerful running from the description of vital aspects of motivation and influence, learning and also entertainment (Ismail). Arguably, literature is the core of the society’s identity and essentially discloses a society in culture, tradition, and norms.

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