The Need Of IT Governance Discussion

The Need Of IT Governance Discussion.


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Module 2 Discussion

What do you think were the critical factors that fueled the need for IT governance? In what ways did ISO affect the standards for network security?

This needs to be 3 paragraphs with at least 1 reference.

IT Governance

Some of the factors that have fuelled the need for IT governance include; Culture of an organization, governance structure, Roles and responsibilities, communication, and training. All the accrued factors relate directly to organizational requirements, thus necessitating the need for the presence of information technology in governing activities. In any organization, culture and behavioural approaches are different (Bianchi & Sousa, 2016). Once a change is imposed, individuals are threatened to increase the need for any control mechanism to enhance their coexistence. Employees within an organization cannot be in a position to adapt to training requirements if employees are not made to understand the proposition values of change.

In an organization setting, responsibilities and roles make it more possible to attain the set goals and objectives.IT governance can improve the alignment and delegation of functions, thus to nay organization looking forward to achieving more meaningful goals, incorporating the system is vital(Bianchi & Sousa, 2016). External stakeholders cannot understand the management and leadership structure of a company if the firm fails to exude the matured IT system. Therefore managers and project managers are forced to increase their pursuant of an informed system that will enhance the attainment of flexible structure.

Following increased instances of Cyber-attacks, organizations are now implementing ISO systems. Therefore, any firm needs to enhance safety from any impending attack’s system has impacted network security through margining the available information security, which in turn has assisted in bringing criminals to justice. For instance, ISO /IEC 27043 outlines all the specified outlines required in criminal investigations (Soman & Raman, 2016). Such measures are reasonable and useful for the betterment of safety in organizations. With ISO in place, cases of data corruption, unauthorized access, and system crashes will be limited.


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