The Issue of Violence Against Women

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Violence Against Women

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Violence against Women

violence against women: Various issues of gender violence in society, such as sexual assault and domestic violence, have some set of perspectives that people need to shift from. Gender violence issues have always been viewed as women’s issues, and I agree with the speaker that this type of thinking is flawed because calling gender violence a women’s issue is part of the problem. There is some confusion about the term gender because when one hears the word gender, they automatically think of women and so view gender as synonymous to women. The thinking that only focuses on the less dominant group has made it difficult to make men central in an issue that is not only about women. The way we use language has played a vital role on how violence is viewed as being only against women, language can be used to promote victim-blaming whereby when violence against women occurs instead of men being blamed as the perpetrators, and it is the women that get criticized for either being in a certain situation or entertaining guys who are potential aggressors.

The Issue of Violence Against Women

            It is true that victim-blaming does not help because violence against women is not necessarily about women but rather about men. As the speaker says, people have to ask different questions, and these questions should not be about the women who have been involved in violence but the men. (Browne, 2016) Both men and women are affected by the violence from men, and this should not be taken lightly. Many institutions help promote abusive men at pandemic rates, but this is not intentional because these institutions react to the standards that have been set by society. It is naïve to think that violence against women is about individual perpetrators, but it’s about the various aspects of society that play a role in promoting this systemic social problem. It is difficult for women to speak out against these issues because society shouts their efforts down, but to make an impact in the fight against violence, men should take the lead and talk about the aspects of violence that women cannot easily talk about. People don’t like it when their power is challenged, but we are lucky because we have many women in power that challenge the current state of power in society.

            What is disheartening is the fact that the same system that produces men who abuse women also produces men who abuse men; hence, it is not only about the women but men as well. When a woman is sexually harassed or even battered, it is not only that woman who is affected but also the men in that woman’s life. Adult men in power who should be held accountable to address issues of violence do not speak out, but we should find it easy for both women and especially men to interrupt the process and break this silence by condemning the issues of violence without tagging it entirely to women. The bystander approach that has been talked about seems quite significant because instead of seeing men and women as perpetrators or victims in different contexts, we should adopt a gender binary perspective where violence can affect either gender because a bystander is not a victim or a perpetrator in any situation. It is a good standpoint to adopt when addressing the issue of violence against women.

So many men care deeply about women, but as it has always been, it is easier to talk about the issue of violence against women when implementing the ways to mitigate instances of abuse is very difficult. It can be done by getting non-abusive men to challenge the abusive men, and when this is coupled with the right leadership that is impartial to issues on violence, the shift on perspectives can be easily done to combat this issue.

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Browne, S. (2016). Violence against women. In The women’s liberation movement in Scotland. Manchester University Press.

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