The Colombia Anthology Sample Essay

The Colombia Anthology Sample Essay.

The Colombia Anthology Sample Essay

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Yu Dafu-Sinking. Yu Dafu-Sinking. Yu Dafu-Sinking. Yu Dafu-Sinking. Yu Dafu-Sinking. Yu Dafu-Sinking.

Requirements: 350 words

One journal entry in 300 words, with two paragraphs, first discussing all the essays for week, to tell which is to your liking; second comparing Yu and Lu considering their different Japanese experiences.

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The previous week’s readings have been based on The Colombia Anthology of Modern Chinese literature, which contains various fictional stories translated by other writers such as Joseph Lau and Howard Goldblatt. These stories highlight the different experiences from the twentieth century in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China and cover various topics and experiences such as culture and revolution, the rising cases of homosexuality, and the different experiences that authors have gone through in the republic of China. I found these stories very essential as they helped me understand the history of the various communities and also helped me understand the world today. Moreover, some of the stories that stood out from all the others were the stories of Yu Dafu and Lu Xun, whom I will be analyzing while making a comparison.

I found Yu Dafu’s story interesting because it delved more into the subconscious experiences of human beings. The story has vivid descriptions of the mood, weather, and the feelings surrounding the persona, creating a strong connection with the reader. In addition, Yu Dafu chooses to narrate only the saddest experiences of his life, such as him being anti-social and  his brother’s misfortunes creates a sad mood which brings out a melancholic mood (Lau & Goldblatt, 2007). On the other hand, Lu Xun’s stories are filled with happiness in pursuit of personal goals and being open to changing Chinese to Japanese culture. Lu Xun was more open to the new culture, whereby he strived to learn and transform into a new social culture. Although they have different themes in both of their stories, they are significant in Chinese literature because they represent the shift from traditional Chinese literature into the modern world. In addition, they also help us learn how the same experience of moving into a different land with a new culture can have very different outcomes. Yu Dafu’s stories are objective as they are about his personal experience that translates the reality of his experiences(Lau & Goldblatt, 2007). On the other hand, Lu Xun is very subjective, as his story represents what is happening in the outside world, representing provable facts.


Lau, J. S., & Goldblatt, H. (2007). The Columbia anthology of modern Chinese literature. Columbia University Press.

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