The affordable healthcare act & EMS essay

The affordable healthcare act & EMS essay

The affordable healthcare act and EMS

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The affordable healthcare act & EMS essay

  I feel like I have a good understanding of how the affordable act has affected the reimbursement for EMS services. The reason behind this is that the affordable care act has come up with the high insurance deductible plans that help the insurance providers and employers to down premiums ad it has already represented more than half of the commercial insurance products. The affordable care act employed rise of mobile integrated health care that focuses on prevention and first care of the patients. The development of the community paramedical has provided primary cares services in marginalized patient’s ad this cuts off the transport costs and long distances to access the hospitals. The act also has led to the increased enrolments of the health insurance patients.  The cat enacted by this act affects the existing plans for coverage which has affected volumes of EMS transport.

I feel that my organization has seen a positive impact as result of the affordable health care acts. The reason behind this is that the affordable healthcare act has helped the expansion of health insurance coverage for all the people as well as improving health quality reporting. The laws have also reduced overall expenses of medical care services due to the facts that, it has encouraged the provision of primary care in rural areas.

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