Telephone Etiquette: Information On Phone Tech

Telephone Etiquette: Information On Phone Tech.

Watch this video (probably a couple of times) Make a note of what she did wrong – there are LOTS of things (call taking and other stuff she did) Type up a document – with name and assignment and date etc on top. – with the following for EACH error. 1. Tell me what she did wrong 2. How would YOU react if you were that patient 3. How would YOU take those calls if you were the MA or administrative assistant or…. how would you deal with the situation/problem it caused if you found out she did that and were the manager. I want to end up with a general sense that you know what is a professional and correct way to deal with phone calls or what is a professional way to act in a doctors office.

Watch these videos for information on phone techniques. Answering a call – general video HOLDING CALLS – general video she gave those links as of how we should talk on the phone. it can be useful

Telephone Etiquette

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Telephone Etiquette

Errors in the Phone Call.

The medical assistant hesitated in receiving the patient’s call. The introduction is incomplete, with only the salutation aspect, which makes the patient doubt whether he is making the right call. From the onset of the conversation, the medical assistant speech is unclear, which makes the patient strain to hear some words. Moreover, the tone used by the medical assistant in saying the phrase ‘I see’ appears rude and unreceptive. Despite informing the customer of a hold, she acted very fast at terminating an ongoing call. She did not initiate a conversation with the second patient before placing him on hold. Besides, she appeared as an amateur at placing calls to other ends. Surprisingly, she called a second patient to inform her of an appointment that she had no specific information regarding it. Additionally, the use of slang when providing appointment time appears unprofessional. The method used by the medical assistant in concluding her calls seems inappropriate to the patients. 

Personal Reaction as the Patient

As the patient, I would be surprised at how the phone gets received with scant information that makes me feel lost. Secondly, the rude and inconsiderate comments will be a turn off that pushes me to get in touch with the hospital administrators or transfer to another hospital. I will feel irritated to have my phone call placed on hold before stating my purpose of calling. As the second patient received a call from the medical assistant, I would have doubted the information and choose not to attend the scheduled appointment.

Personal Service as a Medical Assistant

If I were the medical assistant, I would have enthusiastically and promptly answered the calls. Besides, I would have employed the use of a cordial, informative tone that is audible and clear. Before terminating a call, I would have provided a summary of the conversation. I would ensure that I indulge in a talk before placing a call on hold. As the manager, I would have approached the medical assistant and inform her of the complaints received on her. Besides, I will offer her a chance to change through vocational training. Later, when she provides poor customer services, I would immediately fire her.

The Professional way to Deal with Phone Calls

When taking a call, an administrative assistant is expected to answer it with a cheerful tone, proceed with a salutation and introductory statement of the institution. After that, one can portray kindness to the listener by offering to give help as an administrative assistant. Promptness and provision of options during a call makes the patient feel welcomed and considered by the institution. The provision of a summary of the conversation acts as an effective way of concluding professional calls.


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