Technology and personal safety essay

Technology and personal safety essay.

Do technologies have a positive or negative effect on personal safety? Support your position with specific examples.

Focus key technology and personal safety essay

Positive effects of Technology on Personal Safety


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Technology and personal safety essay

Do technologies have a positive or negative effect on personal safety?

            The growing technology sophistication enables mass customization, efficient and reliable service production according to highly personalized needs. Technology provides endless means of sending real-time information to improve personal safety. To a great extent, panic alarms and alert systems, gunshot detection systems, and driving technology promote personal safety.

            Individuals who work in high-risk areas such as bartending and gas stations are vulnerable to violence and attacks. Tech-wearable devices and smartphone applications can help relay their fears to the police, first-responders, or even their families. Hitan HST has developed similar technologies to send alerts, especially during life-threatening situations. Most of these safety technologies are employed in schools to prevent mass shootings that have been rampant in recent years. The wearables and smartphone applications transmit accurate and up-to-date information that includes on-demand location data and augmented reality to allow the security personnel and first-responders to see through the walls, pitch dark, fires, and collapsed buildings (Wash, 2020). Some wearables and smartphone applications give police access to real-time surveillance systems within a building during an incidence. Many district schools have installed gunshot detection systems for identifying where shots are fired (Associated Press, 2019). Such systems incorporate mass notifications and are integrated with the emergency protocols to improve the safety of the students and staff.

            The advancement in driving technology has improved personal safety than ever before. Modern cars are equipped with automatic braking, rear cameras, and lane assistance to help drivers avoid crashes (Haghani, 2020). Some cars have an automatic warning system against using phones while driving to prevent distracted driving. Also, GPS services provide up-to-date information on traffic and accidents ahead and offer alternative routes to a safer drive.


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