Statistics Discussion Sample Essay

Statistics Discussion Sample Essay.

Statistics Discussion Sample Essay


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Answer a

1). 3 month moving average = 275.

            Takes average of the last three months.

2). Exponential Smoothing model = 289.15.

3). Linear trend model =247.13.

Answer b

I’d opt for Linear method since the data contains trends.

Answer c

Period from May to September experience greatest seasonal impact. Very clear from the linear chart.

Answer d

Forecast equation  yt+h|t=ℓt+hbt.

Level equation ℓt=αyt+(1−α)(ℓt−1+bt−1).

Trend equation bt=β∗(ℓt−ℓt−1)+(1−β∗)bt−1.

where ℓt denotes an estimate of the level of the series at time t, bt denotes an estimate of the trend (slope) of the series at time t, α is the smoothing parameter for the level, 0≤α≤1 and

0≤α≤1, and β∗ is the smoothing parameter for the trend, 0≤β∗≤1.


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