Statement of purpose to go to the university

Statement of purpose to go to the university.



writing a statement of purpose to go to the university of embry riddle

Type of paper:

Critical thinking


Other : writing a letter to go into a university

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APA (edition “APA 6”)

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Deadline: 50 minutes

The statement of purpose (SOP) is an important part of your application. Please state your reasons and goals for pursuing graduate work in aviation, incorporating your interests and background as well as your long term professional goals, defining how a master’s degree will support these interests and goals. The SOP should be between 400 and 600 words.

Statement of Purpose

Piloting is one of the most exciting careers in the world, and it has been a lifetime dream to be among the most celebrated pilots around the world. Besides having some mundane affection and urge towards aviation career, I have some attached goals and objectives that facilitated in settling for the choice. In particular, a graduate school specializing in aviation have a reputation of hiring highly qualified professors and instructors that guarantee high skills coverage towards the end of the course. Therefore, it appeared to serve me better in deciding to walk along and pursue a degree in aviation. Additionally, accredited aviation university like Embry Riddle aligns their educational provisions with strict requirements both in skills and individual personnel pursuing the course. For instance, once an individual is selected to be a pilot, it is mandatory to align themselves with the highest discipline. Further, pursuing graduate work in aviation will allow me to be exposed to the newest state-of-the-art aircrafts similar to the one existing in the field. Thus, I will have an easy time transitioning from a graduate to an employee in the ideal world. Arguably, each person seeks what is best for them, and thus with no doubt, for one to be a victor, it is vital to align with the victors in the educational sector.

My background information in aircraft and aviation-related activities dates back a decade ago when I used to visit and watch young pilots being trained in an airstrip within our city. Notably, I can affirm that I have the knowledge ability and responsibility accrued to piloting and aviation clue. The only remaining aspect is to specialize and settle on the field, which I feel much comfortable. The element of having passengers entrust you with their lives creates interest and attracts me most in pursuing the career. I am optimistic that the admission will be successful, and I will finally join my colleagues in shaking and moving the world. I have been attached to airplanes for long since I have read multiple articles, watched films, documentaries, and researched numerous topics related to aviation. I am looking forward to owning an aviation graduate school, which will be equipped with the most modern and high technology study assistant necessities.

Masters in aviation is a bridge towards a phase of life experienced and achieved by few individuals around the world. I hope that I will secure one since it will open doors for me in the future. I have multiple options I am looking into as leeway to progression in an aviation career. Notably, I am looking forward to the attainment of the full credentials of a licensed pilot. Further, I will level up and delve deeper into instructing learners and co-pilots in the field. Eventually, after gaining enough experience, I will then establish an aviation school or even firm. However, .all the progress and achievements cannot be attained without the attainment of a master’s degree that will act as a selling price for me to execute my plans. I am hardworking, resilient, visionary, and I have proven myself to work best, even in the most stressful conditions. I have excellent skills in communication since aviation works require one to be a proficient communicator. I am comfortable that I have what it takes, and all I need is an opportunity to prove that I can.

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