Starbucks Case Analyses Paper

Starbucks Case Analyses Paper.


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Note: Company selected is Starbucks. Please make sure you use star bucks for below assignments

The goals of this assignment are to a) describe the ethical standards and corporate social responsibility areas for your selected organization, and b) to share your work with our community of learners in this class. This assignment consists of three steps that should be completed by Sunday at 11:59 p.m., CT:

  1. describe the ethical standards and corporate social responsibility areas for your selected organization;
  2. share your ethical social responsibilities and standards with the class; and
  3. read through your peers’ responses and respond to at least two.

Step 1: Describe the ethical standards and corporate social responsibility areas for your selected organization

Describe the ethical standards and corporate social responsibility areas for your selected organization. Identify key areas of the business that impact its social and ethical responsibilities. Analyze the ways the organization has handled these responsibilities in the past and outline any needs that may should be addressed. Include proposed standards that will help your company to be more ethically and socially responsible. Focus on both internal and external factors.

Approach to the assignment:

  1. In addition to drawing on your readings from this course, you will be expected to conduct additional research to complete this assignment.
  2. The section title must be centered and bold. Sub-sections, based on your content coverage, must be left aligned and in bold.
  3. This paper should be 3 pages long, excluding your cover and reference pages, and must be fully compliant with APA standards for academic writing.

Starbucks Case Analyses

The company under consideration is Starbuck Corporation. Starbuck Corporation is an American coffee company and is privileged to pose several segmented branches in America and other 75 countries around the globe. Starbuck corporations are also commonly referred to as Starbucks Coffee Company. Starbuck is the biggest coffee house chain in the world. In recent years the firm has recorded some positive changes that have attracted researchers and analysts to evaluate the rationale behind the improved profit margin. It was made clear that the firm abides strictly to various ethical code of conduct and also participate in corporate social responsibility as part of their organization strategy. Therefore it is essential to evaluate the ethical standards and areas of cooperate social responsibility to gain an informed understanding of the same.

Ethical Standards

Executing business operations ethically and struggling to do the right thing accounts for the long-run success in a firm. Starbucks is not an exception since its ethical code is aligned with the mission and vision of the firm. The organization has set up quality, social, economic, and environmental principles, which are regarded as a basis for ethical sourcing. The standards must be satisfied by way of any specific stakeholder dealing with Starbucks. These tips bind both the clients and providers to make sure that the principles are met while executing precise guidelines. Starbucks facilities on four principle ethical sourcing pointers. Such instructions cowl financial responsibility, environmental management, social duty, and product exceptional. Daily, the activities within the firm are pegged on the ethical choices within the frim (Kang & Namkung, 2017). The standards assist the shareholders and stakeholders in making cognitive decisions as an indication of their ability to abide by legal and ethical boundaries in business. Generally, those standards of commercial enterprise behavior assist Starbucks to make decisions in its everyday paintings and validate that it could take its moral and prison responsibilities significantly. In a nutshell, the firm struggles to maintain the alignment of its coffee, tea, and cocoa within the ethical margin.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Starbucks is a for-profit organization, and it has been at the forefront, enhancing the connection between its customers, the environment, and the world in general. In their reproach strategy, the firm is driven forth by three pillars, which include the environment, community, and ethical sourcing. Therefore for Starbucks to create a positive impact of the community it operates within, the managers opted to connect with the community intimately. Community stores are connected to non-profit organizations to meet the needs of the surrounding community. In the long run, Starbucks subject about $ 0.05 to $0.15 per transaction to generous donations (Kang & Namkung, 2017). The majority of the donated funds are directed to charity activities within the firm reversing the mystery and suffering in the communities.

Accordingly, the firm has been at the forefront to sensitize its inclusion principle around the globe. Workers hired in the firm are subject to excellent working conditions, and they enjoy various advantages. The firm participates in training young individuals towards their purpose in life. Community-based programs are run under the management of Starbucks, and the emphasis is placed on the less fortunate in society. In the inner structure of the organization, CSR activities are also implored to workers and other concerned parties. It incorporates measures, which are related to equity, a protected situation, and great working-conditions. The employees’ rights ought to be shielded to offer sufficient expectations for daily comforts (Kang & Namkung, 2017). Starbucks ensures that labourers get fair compensations from the undertakings they complete, and this evades worker’s misuse. The issue of constrained work and youngster work is routed to ensure a protected encompassing for the corporate social obligation.

Starbucks extends its caring hand to the coffee fields from where the supply of its products lies. Individuals under the age of 18 are restricted from such firms, an ordeal spearheaded by Starbucks. Arguably, the firm utilizes its purchasing power to settle on legal terms with the suppliers. Therefore all coffee fields are placed on losing a contract with the firm if they happen to employ young individuals in the society. Arguably, such an approach is fundamental in reducing instances of child labor and exploitation of the less fortunate children in the society. Importantly, the obligations are delivered to individuals across all races without prejudice of gender, origin, and religion (Argenti, 2016). Across the world, Starbucks emulates a fair hiring process since it extends employment opportunities to surrounding communities. All workers are subjected to equal treatment irrespective of the capacity of experience or position. Labourers at Starbucks organization are dealt with a similar path without any favours from the administration of the organization. The core value has helped the organization run its undertakings. Thus, it has provoked the recruiting or labourers inside an alternate extent of the workforce. Excellent management and exceptional leadership qualities driven by ethical codes have facilitated the unique approach in Starbuck’s issuance of corporate social responsibility.


Argenti, P. (2016). Collaborating with Activists: How Starbucks Works with NGOs. California Management Review47(1), 91-116. Doi: 10.2307/41166288

Kang, J., & Namkung, Y. (2017). The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Brand Equity and the Moderating Role of Ethical Consumerism: The Case of Starbucks. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research42(7), 1130-1151. Doi: 10.1177/1096348017727057

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