Spanish and French Colonization

Spanish and French Colonization

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Spanish and French Colonization

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1.How was the process of Spanish and French colonization different? How successful were both empires at colonizing the Americas? Pay particular attention to the ways that Indigenous people and nations shaped Spanish and French colonization. Use at least 2 examples from the assigned readings (not just the PPT lessons) to support your answer.

2.According to Rebecca Earle, why was food important to the Spanish colonial process? How did European ideas about humoralism shaped Spanish attitudes towards Indigenous people? Use at least 2 examples from the assigned readings to support your answer.

I attached the PPT for these prompts. and the rubric for grading.

About at least 150 words per questions (two) in total around 300-400 words

Spanish and French Colonization

Question One 

The Spanish colonialization process was different since it aimed at extracting gold from the colonies, especially in the Americas. They were quick to utilize the forced labor schemes meant to fetch wealth back to Spain. Arguably, the Spanish centered their religion and dealings in sexuality, which sensitized convert to exercise the same in sex and gender norms. Dually, French colonizers were more concerned about morality and viewed sex as a gift from god. Diverse in ideologies between Spain and French painted their colonization as different (“Spanish and French colonization of the Americas History 16 Lesson 1”, 2020). The French restrained from engaging in settler colonialism it was the case with Spain and Britain. Success in the Spanish colonial system in America was earmarked by success in conquering several gold mines before the eruption of violence. Additionally, they introduced the Columbian exchange diet, which added color and flavor to the American diet. French empire conquered the trade alliances among Illinois and Miami in the Americas.

Question Two 

Food was essential to the Spanish colonial process since it allowed one to have a healthy and functional body. In one instance, Rebecca claimed that if the Spanish ate the local foods, then they were meant to be like them. The majority of the Amerindians’ bodies were nourished on various foods, not the case to the Spanish. Food appeared vital since it was determinant in validating the ability to survive in the American environment. Humoral offered a platform for the Spanish to understand the indigenous people. The Spanish colonizers believed that individuals who traveled from Europe were liable to various ailments as compared to the indigenous individuals (“Spanish and French colonization of the Americas History 16 Lesson 1”, 2020). In some way, the humoral theory shaped an attitude of envy and admiration towards the indigenous community. Dually, they viewed their immunity as more reliable than the native occupants, thus despising them.


Spanish and French colonization of the Americas History 16 Lesson 1. (2020). Presentation, PPT.

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