Solution-focused brief therapy essay

Solution-focused brief therapy essay.

Solution-focused brief therapy essay

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A 4 mins video will be provided to help with this!

SFT= Solution Focused Therapy

This week each student will apply the SFT Model to a case scenario. To begin the Week 6 Assignment click on the video in this week’s Module link titled: The Case of Maria. View the video and take notes as you listen to Maria’s story. After you have viewed the video, click on your Week 6 Individual and Team DB link and begin your weekly assignments.

Create one thread only, for the whole team titled SFT with the Case of Maria. Individually respond to each of the questions below. Be sure to be original in your responses.

(This portion just list them)

1. What are areas of change that Maria wants to address?

2. What are some areas of strengths for Maria?

3. What would be challenging to you in applying the SFT Model with this client.

Team Discussion Board

Begin a group discussion about Maria’s case and your individual responses above. As a team address the following points/questions:

4. How would you introduce the SFT Model to Maria? Be specific. Give an example.

5. How would you provide Maria with an explanation of her concerns within the context of the SFT Model?

6. What are some of the techniques described in the text that you would use with Maria? Apply four techniques of SFT with Maria. Give examples demonstrating specifically how you would apply these. What would you say? Do not give general statements but use the material in the video to apply the techniques specifically to Maria.

Requirements: 1 page

SFT Model- Case Study on Maria

Student’s Name




SFT Model- Case Study on Maria


  1. Maria wants to change their marriage to be a more romantic relationship.
  2. Stop going out as a couple, not with her husband’s colleagues
  3. Engage in outside activities rather than just going to church together.

Maria’s Strengths

  1. Maria’s boldness
  2. She came to the United States as a first-generation immigrant.
  3. Susan, her friend, as well as her parents, support her.
  4. Acknowledges their relationship has changed.
  5. Maria is making an effort to seek outside help.  
  6. Maria does not have a problem at a personal level

Challenging To You in Applying the SFT Model

  1. The problem is not at an individual level but a couple’s level.
  2. Her husband does not acknowledge there is a problem in their marriage.
  3. Maria’s husband does not acknowledge they are not as happy

Discussion Board

To introduce the SFT as a counselor, I will ask Maria questions that help establish what goals the client wants to achieve, where the client is currently at, and how to achieve those goals. Listening to her answers is my next step after asking her questions. “First, I would like to know what you hope to gain from counseling”. This will give me a better understanding of Maria’s aims and priorities.

I want to raise the miracle question. “Let us imagine that you and your spouse went to bed tonight, and a miracle occurred, solving the problem of you and your husband not does the things you used to do”. What signs will you find when you wake up to show that a miracle took place? I want to use this question to help Maria come up with a solution to her issues. I would also compliment Maria frequently throughout the meeting.

The first technique would be to ask Maria to State her desire for something in her life to be different. “What desire that she has in her marriage?” nets techniques is asking her to envision the miracle happening, and her life is different. Giving feedback will help determine the goals for the SFT (De Shazer et al., 2021). Thirdly I would use in SFT therapy is to ask Maria to ensure that the miracle is relevant. This technique will help in establishing why it is essential that Maria achieve the goals.  Lastly, would be to define the change in an optimistic, precise, and behavioral manner.


De Shazer, S., Dolan, Y., Korman, H., Trepper, T., McCollum, E., & Berg, I. K. (2021). More than miracles: The state of the art of solution-focused brief therapy. Routledge.

Maria. SFT model: Case Study Maria. Retrieved from

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