Social Sciences Sample Essay

Social Sciences Sample Essay.

Social Sciences Sample Essay

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a science writing question and need an explanation to help me learn.

Science is divided into four main branches.

They are,]

Natural Sciences

Social Sciences

(Both natural and Social sciences are known as empirical sciences)

Formal Sciences (Mathematics, logic)

Applied Sciences

From the list of many, many branches of science. Pick one that interests you the most. In a short paragraph state which branch interests you most and explain why.

Social Sciences

Student’s Name

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Social Sciences

Among the four main branches of science, social sciences interest me so much. As a field of study, it mainly focuses on societal issues. It examines the links between persons and communities, the formation and functioning of social structure, rather than the material world (“What Is Social Science? — The National Institute of Social Sciences”, 2021). Examples of social sciences are archaeology, anthropology, linguistics, history, sociology, law, political science, geography, economics, and psychology. Social sciences interests me because it helps individuals understand how they evaluate the attitudes and behaviors of their contemporaries and their own. In addition, social sciences allow people to understand better how to build more inclusive and efficient systems. Moreover, social sciences investigate how individuals relate to one another and with their surroundings  (“Why Is Social Studies Important? 8 Reasons To Study”, 2021). Furthermore, students gain broad abilities that may be used to gain employment in various sectors after enrollment in social science programs. Lastly, a university degree in social science enhances cognitive capabilities, logical analysis, and investigative abilities.


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