Shelley’s Frankenstein: Article Discussion

Shelley’s Frankenstein: Article Discussion.


The Article Discussion and Reply

Pages: 2 ( 1 page discussion, 1 page reply)

Deadline: 15hrs

TOPIC 3.1: Shelley’s Frankenstein, Vol 1

For this discussion assignment you will need to post your response first in order to see what your classmates have posted.

Part 1:

Identify a passage from Volume 1 of Shelley’s Frankenstein that you think is significant. Explain why you think the passage is significant. You can explain the passage in light of an issue, theme, character, plot, or point of view.

Part 2:

Respond to someone’s post. You can comment on the person’s post, adding to it from your own experience and perspective. You can respectfully disagree and explain why.

After you finish up the discussion, I will post other guy’s discussion to let you make the response.

Shelley’s Frankenstein, Vol 1

The first three paragraphs of chapter four serve the rationale of being significant as per my insights. The passage asserts the reasoning of the author as he expounds on the mystery of life. In particular, he concentrates on the anatomy of the human body before culminating in how the ordeal finally falls apart after death and decay. Arguably the passage sets the background and origin of the long academic journey that he appears to be devoted to. It serves its significance in shedding light by asserting a warning of what will happen in later stages of life (Shelley, 2012). I feel that the section is vital in multiple aspects regarding the approach assumed by the author. Notably, curiosity to understand the human inner and outer structure begins to crop within the author as per the segment’s happenings.

The plot assumes an enclosed room pointing out the thematic concern of dedication and hard work. Multiple nights happen to be sleepless, but in the long run, he cannot be identified with anyone when working. Increased urge to unravel the mystery of life contributes to his obsession with the new norm and adversity as he explores and maneuvers through the struggles of life. Additionally, it is through the happenings within the passage that contributes to his exposure and ability to construct an animate creature (Shelley, 2012). Arguably greatest success turns during the worst of times, and in my view, the author was receiving a revelation about his career line in the excerpt, thus terming the piece as essential. Ability to master content delivered to him by the professors trace its origin from the passage I have identified above.



Shelley, M. (2012). Frankenstein. Broadview Press.

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