Shakespeare Poem Sample Essay

Shakespeare Poem Sample Essay.

Shakespeare Poem Sample Essay

Poem 1

What is the subject matter of the Poem?

Shakespeare uses metaphor to address the youth urging them not to let the youthful pleasures take all their strength till they die without children. Shakespeare uses the metaphor distillation which in this case refers to distillation of flowers into perfume. He likens siring children as distillation of seed into a vial that would preserve their existence through an heir just like a distilled perfume often preserves the scent of flowers. By this, Shakespeare showed that he valued and consented to giving birth as a way of continuation of life even though death exists.

Describe the structure of the poem

The poem is a single stanza with almost uniform lines. There is an extensive use of metaphors in the poem such as “make sweet some vial; treasure thou some place.” He uses vial to imply a child who would ensure continuation. There is use of rhyming words with an irregular rhyme scheme. For instance; deface, place.

Poem 2

What is the emotion portrayed in the poem?

The emotion that comes out in the poem is scornful. Shakespeare scorns the youthful age and is disdained by the wastefulness of young people at this age. He scorns them and tells them to look beyond the youthful age which fades away so fast and gives in to old age. However, he pleads with the young youths to bear children in their youth so that when they are old, they will be grateful that their blood has not perished.

What are the poetic devices used in the poem?

Shakespeare utilitizes allegory in his poem. “As fast as thou shalt wane, so fast thou grow’st” The inner meaning of this phrase is that life is short and old age catches up with youths sooner. He also uses metaphors “And that fresh blood which youngly thou bestow’st.” There is also use of alliteration, “And threescore year would make the world away.”

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