Sexuality: American cheerleader – Joe Brant

Sexuality: American cheerleader – Joe Brant.

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I was lucky to secure a formal interview session with an American cheerleader, Joe Brant, the chief executive officer in the center of Reproductive Rights. In the first question, he was quick to respond that individuals having coitus is the first thing that settles in his mind on hearing the term. Ideally, the epicentre of sexuality is the bedroom and making love before enacting any other procedure. Nevertheless, I was impressed by definition offered regarding the topic since he issued a critical sentiment. Indeed, he reported that sexuality is the central aspect that defines humanity since it combines gender, roles, identities, reproduction, and intimacy in one cocoon. Therefore, he summarized the statement as a general representation of individuals as sexual entities.

The interviewee was honest in his response since one could gauge from the mouth and eye movement. He agreed that he first heard about sex and sexuality when he was about seven years old. The excitement was engineered by television programs and movies he watched at an early age. His parents restrained from sex talks in a formal or informal setting until he was 17 years old. According to him, the approach derailed the process of having intimacy with someone since he considered the topic as adult-oriented; thus, he had no right to engage in such an endeavor. Nevertheless, the engagement changed between his brother since they began talking more about sex, sexuality, and dating issues after attaining legal ages.,

Church and school were some of the institutions that played a massive role in the educational approach regarding sexuality. He notes that conferences and seminars in school vacations and church weekends enlightened him to be a responsible youth. Ideally, the process led him to join the current organization he is running in America. During his formal learning session, the topic includes child sex abuse, pregnancy among teenagers, and preventive approaches before having sex to prevent sexually transmitted ailments. Joe highlights that the institutions well versed the presenters with knowledge about sex and sexuality since they were in a mission to save the society from immorality. Religious background acted as a critical tool in the teachings that made Brant one of the ambassador championing reproductive health.

Accordingly, the norm was not a new term to the interviewee, and thus he was comfortable responding to the query. Being raised from an Asian and American half family, the respondent was conversant with sexual norms in both cultures in which the majority had similarities. In particular, he noticed that it was customary for the girls to restrain from having sex before marriage. Young teenagers were also not expected to have intercourse with older individuals with similar ages as their parents. Also, it is morally impermissible to relate with more than one partner after officiating a relationship. Incase one violates the norm, they risk being termed as an outcast in society, according to Joe’s community.

Brant agreed to be part of the sexual community since he is a normal human being. Notably, he described that he is also a stakeholder in community sexuality issues since he runs a national organization centered on sexuality. He agreed that he is married and with two children means that he, at some point, had intimacy with his wife, thus compounding his inclusion into the sexuality bracket.

After conducting g the interview, I felt fulfilled and emotionally satisfied with the responses. Joe was friendly, and I realized that it is worth it big sometimes to attain good results. The social status of the interviewee might have scared me away, but I chose to remain firm. I learned that interaction could be successful with any client provided, you will not encroach into personal issues, especially if the respondent is a public figure.

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