Searching for a Search Engine Essay

Searching for a Search Engine Essay.

Read over two page article and answer case questions in depth of analysis. CASE QUESTIONS 1. Why is achieving a significant level of brand familiarity especially important for Google’s competitors? 2. What are the search sites doing to increase consumers’ motivation, ability, and opportunity to process external information? 3. Are consumers likely to search by brand or search by attribute when comparing search sites? Which process is likely to favor the specialized search sites? 4. Given the role of prototypicality in recall of search engine brands, what do you think niche search sites should do to get into the consideration set? If possible to use terms from book. I have a copy. Consumer Behavior | 7th Edition Wayne D. Hoyer/Deborah J. MacInnis/Rik Pieters

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Searching for a Search Engine

Many search engines are currently in operation worldwide, but google is the only one that comes in the first place with regard to brand familiarity. Google achieves more than 80% coverage on the total global market when compared to other search engines hence for these competitors to overcome Google they have to achieve an essential level of brad familiarity in the search engine market. It is important for competitors of google to focus on their customers and their needs, Bing, Yandex and Baidu need not only have specialized services but also create awareness of its current clients (Halavais, 2017). It will help them grow because as more people have a good experience with these search engines, they will have options to choose from; hence, the competition can grow and be more appealing. In doing so, the competitors should have a search in an effective manner and create features that facilities that are better compared to google. Guided by the product concept Google’s competitors should be aware that consumers will go for products with the highest quality, more features and good performance as well as the brand they already know and are familiar with.

The search sites employ a number of advertisement design strategies which involves specific advertisement cues, information processing goals and executional outcomes which dictate how different consumers will process external information from these search sites. To begin with, brand information processing allows these search sites to gain brand familiarity among the consumers with ease and pre-exposure makes it more effective (Bigné, 2015). Pre-exposure is used to process motivation, ability and opportunities provided by the search engines to consumers after which enable the consumers to easily accommodate and internalize advertisement an brand promotion information. The sites use advertisements to create an opportunity which is the contact between the consumer and external information such as advertisements regarding the search engine.

The choice consumers have mostly dependent on their preferences and what they expect to achieve by using a search engine and these are always related to previous experiences as well as emotion for usage. Consumers would prefer a search engine that is able to give them what they are looking for and with ease hence likely to search by attribute when different search sites are compared. Although the brand plays a vital role in influencing consumer choice, most people prefer something that works for them (Dotson, 2017). Specialized search sites are able to focus on a single subject that they feel is useful to their consumer segmentation and therefore fulfil the niche of the market related to what they offer. An example is the which is a leading specialized search site focusing on providing information about all carriers to help people find the best deal.

Most people talk of Googling to refer to the act of searching for information on the internet and so the niche search engines should strive to get into the consideration set by adding more features and constantly improving in a ways that make utility convenient on smartphones and tablets which are common among consumers because many people access the internet through there smartphones. Also, these niche search engines should aim to create a perception of reliability and effectiveness in the eyes of consumers, and this cannot be done in talk but in the services they offer. Google has addressed the need for feasibility and workability by taking into consideration the stimuli to the consumer through aspects such as advertising. When niche search sites take on this road of thought, they can ensure that their specific brand is a representative of the search engine category alongside Google among others. When consumers have positive attitudes towards a certain brand, the brand tends to be stronger just as google is.


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