Samsung Smart Pillow Essay

Samsung Smart Pillow Essay.

Samsung Smart Pillow Essay

Samsung Smart Pillow

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University of Phoenix

October 2, 2017

Samsung Smart Pillow

 Samsung is comprised of companies that are setting new standards in a wide range of businesses from electronics to financial services, from chemicals and heavy industries to trade and services. (Our businesses, 1995-2017) Samsung’s vision is to “Inspire the world, Create the Future.” (Vision, 1995-2017)   Its vision reflects Samsung Electronics commitment to inspiring its communities by leveraging Samsung’s three key strengths, New Technology, Innovative Products, and Creative Solutions. – And to promoting new value for Samsung’s core networks- Industry, Partners, and Employees. (Vision, 1995-2017)

Samsung’s New Product

Samsung Corporation is planning the launch of a new product which will go by the name ‘Smart Pillow’. The pillow will have the ability to deliver white noise when the user is sleeping as well as the ability to record and report important data about the user that can further be shared with a physician regarding the sleeping patterns of the user. 

Technology in the New Product

            Samsung in its essence is a technological powerhouse in the global economy. From kitchen appliances to car electronics to cellular telephones, there is little in the tech industry that Samsung does not touch. In producing a more advanced pillow there are certain considerations that must be accounted for. How is Samsung as a company going to create a proprietary pillow with technology enough to fill a need in the market? The answer is that Samsung will utilize technology to create an exceptional pillow which will utilize white noise, Bluetooth compatibility, heating and cooling effects and comfort designed to stabilize the head and neck during sleep, which will altogether aid in a great night’s sleep. Manufacturing will utilize the technology of our production facilities to maximize the quality of the product while maintaining efficiency and standards that have been a staple to the Samsung brand.

Ensure Quality of Product in Its Design and Production

It’s important to maintain the quality of your product in the design and production stages. In Manufacturing, quality control is the process that ensures that the products are made with the best care and quality for its consumers. When utilizing quality control, you promote the following:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • New customers from referrals (word of mouth)
  • Repeat customers/business
  • Improved Safety
  • Reduce liability risks

“Manufacturers with quality control procedures in place are far less likely to face product recalls or place customers at risk from poorly made products. The cost associated with these recalls can be steep. Testament to this is the Takata recall, which is estimated to cost the company between $7 and $24 billion.” (Bradbury, 2017)

We will use both SPC and the Six Sigma processes to ensure the quality of our product. The SPC is the Statistical Process Control which monitors and controls quality by tracking the production metrics and making sure that each product is handled the same and to our expectations. It will also help us make sure that the managers can identify issues and problems with products before it ever leaves the facility.

      The Six Sigma is a data approach system that assists with the quality in making sure that each product is free of defects and meets customer’s needs. When we our designing our product, we need to be sensitive to all of its features and by doing so, need to protect the quality as well Both of these approaches will assist in making sure that the quality of our product does not decrease during design and production.

Marketing and Engineering

            The design team will conduct a market analysis that “assesses whether there is enough demand for the proposed product to invest in developing it further.” (Russell & Taylor, 2014).Members of the team that are assigned to engineering will utilize their skills and the most advanced technology available to produce several variations of the product. By having various options, the board can determine the best step forward and then perfect the chosen model. The engineering team is responsible for the quality of the product and the development and integration of the Bluetooth, white noise, and temperature settings of the pillow all while maintaining strict consideration for safety.


Samsung has a well-established manufactures around the world in which they will be used for manufacturing the new smart pillow production. The operation phase is the most important in the smart pillow production as it includes details on how the production, supply chain and engineering.

Supply Chain and Quality Roles

Samsung is a very reliable, dependable and great company when it comes to technical advances and growth. The Smart pillow will be very tech savvy meaning that during the design process, it’s imperative that we have a team of Samsung techs to assist. In order to get the product out to our consumers, we need to make sure that all of our productions are the best quality to ensure a great product.

Quality of the product is of most importance. Our Smart pillow can offer “White Noise” as you sleep, stream your favorite music and has cooling properties that will allow for the best sleep possible. In order to offer and guarantee these tools in our product, we need to make sure that we have the best quality product. Samsung has hundreds of products that are of great quality which will assist us in making sure that our quality becomes our number one priority.


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