Safe House Task Discussion

Safe House Task Discussion.

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Ask one question related with drug problem and write a comment

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A. A question related to the reading. You can choose any of the readings for the week. The question can be to clarify something you didn’t understand or to stimulate discussion.

B. A brief comment (1-3 sentences) explaining something you learned, or something you found interesting, or something you disagreed with in the reading (the same reading or a different one)

Safe House Task

The question, which is the actual security protocol to be followed in the safe house for both users and the community.

The question, if answered, will facilitate understanding and stimulate my reasoning towards the whole issue of a safe house . I understand that the setting is meant to enhance a reasonable drug environment to individuals faced with problems revolving around overdose. Were the policy and security measures drafted before the inception of the facility or the latter is an ongoing project. If at all, the procedure will now settle on alignment, will the public be allowed to be part of the policy development.


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