Rhetorical Strategies and Fallacies Essay

Rhetorical Strategies and Fallacies Essay.

Rhetorical Strategies and Fallacies Essay

PHL320T Week 4 Apply: Rhetorical Strategies and Fallacies

  1. Bobby may be a good bookkeeper….

Select a statement about Bobby that uses innuendo.

Top of Form

But you would expect that from someone who majored in accounting like he did.

But he has worked hard to get where he is at.

But you’ll notice he has a ton of bills.

But he has a good staff to help him out.

  • If the Superintendent is so committed to increasing the scores in public school….

Select a statement about the Superintendent that uses the loaded questions strategy.

Why are so many students failing and teachers resigning?

Why do we need to consider replacing him?

Why don’t people notice?

Shouldn’t we do something nice for him?

  • Select a statement about college students that uses hyperbole.

College students are too idealistic and don’t know what it’s like in the real world.

While many students start college, not all will graduate.

If college students are so poor, why are they always riding around on fancy bikes and scooters?

All college students will graduate.

  • I simply won’t go into that department store….

Select a statement that uses stereotype.

It is way too far from where I live anyway.

It never carries the clothes I like.

It’s full of snobbish people who disguise their happiness with designer handbags and shoes.

They have poor customer service.

  • Sally had a hamburger for dinner and does not feel well.

Which of the following statements would result in the post hoc ergo propter hoc rhetorical fallacy?

Sally is overreacting because her hamburger was overcooked.

She should not have eaten dinner.

There must be a flu bug going around.

It was the hamburger that made her not feel well.

  • Brianna is the top-performing cheerleader and captain of the cheer team.

Which of the following statements would result in the ad hominem rhetorical fallacy?

However, we know she, like all cheerleaders, was selected because of her good looks.

She must spend a lot of time practicing to be so good.

She has natural talent that most of the rest of the team don’t.

She is the real reason the team is so good.

  • I received a bonus within my first six weeks on the job.

Which of the following statements would result in the hasty generalization rhetorical fallacy?

I am glad my efforts don’t go unnoticed.

So I know I am going to receive a bonus often.

I have heard the company is pretty generous when it comes to bonus opportunities.

I worked hard to earn that bonus.

  • You can start exercising….

Which of the following statements would result in the either/or rhetorical fallacy?

So that it becomes a habit.

Because it is the right thing to do.

Or die at a young age.

In order to fit in with the rest of us.

  • He knows that diamond mining is a dangerous job.

Which of the following statements would result in the red herring or smoke screen fallacy?

But he has always been something of a daredevil.

But he knows he won’t have to work forever.

But how else can he earn his paycheck to care for his family?

But he also knows that lots of other jobs are dangerous.

  1. If you like to clean every day….

Which of the following statements would result in the slippery slope fallacy?

You can know that your house will never be a mess.

People are likely to notice.

Then you will always have something on your agenda.

It could lead to you becoming OCD, so you probably should not clean every day.

  1. Your employer has given you the task of increasing overall production within your department using the same number of permanent employees but no additional hours to complete the work. Which of the following is a possible solution?

Incentivizing your employees to work harder.

Eliminating breaks and lunches.

Cutting vacation and sick time.

Turning a blind eye while employees work overtime.

  1. Your company wants to hire a third-party vendor to handle all of the customer service calls because they are a well-known leader in the industry with many clients. You are the manager of the customer service department for your company and have consistently reduced expenses over the past three years. Which of the following is an argument you could present to your employer to not hire a third-party vendor to handle customer service calls?

Convince your employer that although the third party has many clients, not all are satisfied.

Impose strict new customer service policies on your department.

Show your employer where you could cut costs even further, making it more cost effective to keep customer service in house.

Let your employer know that you will resign if they pursue this option.

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