Religion Sample Essay Paper

Religion Sample Essay Paper.

Religion Sample Essay Paper


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News Article 1

            The Washington Post news article “This Black History Month, don’t pretend racism has disappeared from the church” discusses the underlying systemic racism that is shielded by the individualistic view of sin. The article highlights the magnitude of racism against Black people often overlooked by White evangelicals who fail to acknowledge racism and fight against it (Crary, 2021). This article connects to the class topic on race inequality and social action because it highlights the systemic racism in our churches and the ignorance of church leaders. The article explains how prominent White church leaders rally behind political leaders like Donald Trump, who make public racist comments and deter ethnic minorities from flourishing. Instead of fighting against institutional racism, these White Christians blame individuals, especially those from the ethnic minorities, for the inequalities in incarceration rates and wealth. The article relates to social action by highlighting the failure of these White church leaders to speak against social discrimination based on race, a social problem (Roberts & Yamane, 2015). The church has failed to take action and wholly assumed that racism no longer exists in the church.

News Article 2

            The Chicago Tribune news article “Black Catholics: Words not enough as church decries racism” discusses the outcry by Black Roman Catholics against racism and police brutality. The article deals with religion because as the Black priests call for an action-driven end to racism, they urge the church to invest in catholic schools among Black communities (Tisby, 2019). The article relates to the class information because it explains the role of Black evangelists in fighting racial inequalities in the church and the general community (Roberts & Yamane, 2015). The article also presents the call for equal attention to racial disparities, which are accorded to social issues like abortion. Efforts by Black evangelists to protest against the murder of innocent Black individuals by the brutal police departments represent practical social work.



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