Public Health Review Essay Paper

Public Health Review Essay Paper.

Public Health Review Essay Paper

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Task 2

The second text is the best general background paragraph for arguing that energy drinks are a potential public health problem. The paragraph provides precise facts and gives the exact sources from which the facts are borrowed. The facts give little to no room for anyone to refute the information. Moreover, the facts create credibility in the article and are used in part because they grab and hold the readers’ attention. When readers see the information published elsewhere, they can realize how serious the author is about the topic.

The author in the second text is also precise and generous with important information about caffeine. And while the rest of the authors mention the caffeine, this one gives the actual content in the energy drinks as 50 to 505 mg per can or bottle and gives the concentration ranging from 2.5 to 171 mg per fluid ounce. Unlike the first author, the second one goes ahead to state that this may not be healthy in the long run but also insinuates that this is an opinion because it has not been proven. From this context, the reader can tell that the author discourages consuming energy drinks due to the high caffeine content, which poses a health risk if it accumulates in the body. Moreover, this is supplementary information to what is already known: caffeine can be addictive as much as it gives the human body various negative effects. The author also gives the approximate sales to show the trends.

Task 3

I would draw a line between 3 and 4 above, which passes as plagiarism. The rest, from explanations 4 to 6, insinuate originality.

Task 8


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