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Psychology and Education. We can use Angelina Jolie to apply marriage and family therapy principles to a case. The theoretical treatment plan in Gehart chapter 13, develop a brief treatment plan using Narrative Therapy with beginning, middle, and late phase goals for the clinical case you choose (Angelina Jolie). Use beginning, middle, and late as headings, and write out, do not use bullet points, the goals for the case. Further, under each goal, identify 2 narrative therapy interventions for the client (Angelina Jolie). Identify how effective this approach would be with the case you have chosen.

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case sample 2.docx, case sample 1.docx – theoretical treatment plan sample

Narrative Therapy Case Study: Angelina Jolie


Goals: I will meet with Angelina Jolie, where we will talk about her acting career, hobbies in environmental conservation, women’s rights, and education charity works and talk about parenting journey for her six children. I will also ask her why she loves and opted to settle in Los Angeles and her typical weekend shopping sprees with children. I will name the problem of divorce she is dealing with and assure her that it is not her fault that it is happening. I will name the trauma, betrayal, and criticism she feels from her husband’s, Brad Pitt’s uncouth actions prompting the divorce as typical response actions taking into account her current situation. I will describe how divorce affects the couple’s relation and their children as well. I will reassure her that the shame and criticism wrongfully cast on her by the public on the messiness of their separation is not her fault. I will then comfort her that she can heal over the issues that prompted her to file for the divorce.

Interventions: first I will apply Problem Externalization strategy to distinguish her from the problem as she will be then referring to as “the divorce” and not “our divorce.” Secondly, I will apply the “My Life Story” strategy where she will jot down her life story aimed at separating her from her past and helping her acquire a broader perspective on her entire life.Psychology and Education


Goals: I will increase agency through the development of trauma, betrayal, and criticism relationships. I will ask her several externalizing questions, including what ways betrayal has affected her ability to trust people again, how constant criticism from her fans, and those of her husband affect her emotionally and ruin her relationship with her children. I will also ask her to name several preferred actions she deems might help with the divorce and lead to quick recovery from the side effects of the divorce.Psychology and Education

Interventions: Since her divorce has taken a long time to conclude, I will use the Deconstruction strategy, where she will break the problem into smaller, individual parts. Secondly, I will use the Unique Outcomes intervention strategy, where I will guide her through into challenging the divorce problem and consider the possibility and viability of an alternative.Psychology and Education


Goals: I will help Jolie increase her personal identity by contribution to her celebrity position, as a role model and inspiration to millions of people, more so women across the world. I will remind her of how her children look up to her for both emotional and physical support and how they will always be by her side regardless of the outcome of the situation. Afterward, I will ask her to retell her story on how she can withstand public criticism and go about the divorce process with Brad Pit or its alternative in an amicable manner.  Retelling the story in a new version is aimed at offloading the burden of shame and betrayal inflicted on her by the husband and the public.

Interventions: First, I will apply the Statement of Position Map where she will fill out the naming and characteristics of the divorce problem. Next, she will map and evaluate the effects of the divorce on her children, career, and other relationships, and state values that comes with her thinking on the detrimental impact of the problem. Second, I will guide her through the Expressive Arts strategy of meditation relaxation where she will deeply understand the divorce problem, how it has touched on various aspects of her life, and possible resolutions for her peace of mind.Psychology and Education


Gehart, D. R. (2013). Theory and treatment planning in counselling and psychotherapy. Belmont, Calif: Brooks-Cole/Cengage Learning.

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