Psychology and Education: Essay with Abstract

Psychology and Education: Essay with Abstract.



Essay with Abstract

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Psychology and Education

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After reading the Universal Design in Education tutorial, and conducting research on UDL, compose a 500-750 word essay that addresses the following.

Describe 3-5 specific UD instructional approaches or adaptations which teachers may utilize to enhance the success of students.
Discuss, with specific examples, how universal design will impact your practices as a teacher.
Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is required.

Essay with Abstract

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Essay with Abstract

The universal design for learning is the way teachers think about learning and teaching which helps in giving all students an equal opportunity to success (Gordon, Meyer, & Rose, 2016). The approach offers the ways students’ access material, showing what they know, and the way they engage with it. The design helps in developing lesson plans which helps all the students in learning and attention issues. The advantage of the program does not only help students with learning and disabilities issues, but also those who are not formally diagnosed.  According to disability act amendments of 1997 in section 504 students with disabilities have the right to the general education program adaptations and programs (Gordon, Meyer, & Rose, 2016). The adaptation includes student motivation, instructional presentation, instruction monitoring, classroom organization, and the student response.

Students’ Motivation

The adaptation that is used to help students with disabilities get involved in many social studies activities to develop the confidence, proficiency, and enjoy learning (Bryant & Smith, 2015). Mostly, these students have the reluctance engaging in most of the social studies activities due to the difficulties in coping with the task demands and even unsuccessful learning experiences.

Instructional Presentation

These students may require adaptations to the presentations that enable them to recall, acquire, apply, and comprehend social studies contents and the related processes (McLeskey, Rosenberg, & Westling, 2017). The adaptation helps the students to teachers-directed and the teachers-initiated interactions that foster the understanding and prepares in the learning processes.

The Instructional Monitoring

Monitoring of the students’ progress and performance is important in ensuring that they are benefiting and understanding the benefits they get from learning activities.  It also helps the teachers with the information about the students and their abilities to participate in the learning activities (McLeskey, Rosenberg, & Westling, 2017). Teachers are also able to determine how and when to adjust to the learning activities to support the students.

Classroom Organization

In order to actively engage in the process and concepts addressed in the social studies, students with disabilities requires specific adaptations to the classroom organization (McLeskey, Rosenberg, & Westling, 2017).  The organization of classroom helps students to participate, maximize attention, comfort, mobility, and independency which perfect interactions and communication promoting accessibility to material, information, and all the learning equipment.

Students’ Response

Students with disabilities may require the specific adaptations to recall, demonstrate, apply, and understand all the social studies with the carried materials (McLeskey, Rosenberg, & Westling, 2017). The response helps students with the means demonstrating the progress toward the lesson objectives which are related to the studies they are taking.

In addition, using the universal design learning as a teacher, it will impact my practices in many ways. The Universal design will help me understand the students more than before, for example, in the assignment options (Bryant & Smith, 2015). In the traditional classroom there was only one way for the students to complete the assignment but in the Universal design there are multiple options of the assignments options.  in specific for instance, with the new program the students can be able to create a video, or even draw a comic strip as long as the students meets the lesson’s goal (Bryant & Smith, 2015). Another way that UDL will impact my practices is through reducing the workload, and improving job satisfaction through differentiation and grouping. For instance, using the universal design learning there is flexibility in working space the same way there are flexible work place spaces for students.  The spaces include the quite individual work, small and large groups, and the group instruction.

Finally, the universal device learning is a program that is used to help those students with disability. Since the students with disabilities have a broad range of learning, communication, cognitive, physical, social emotional, and sensory differences they  required adaptation that will help them in learning processes. The adaptations include student motivation, instructional presentation, instruction monitoring, classroom organization, and the student response. Furthermore, the program has helped teachers to improve their working practices through reducing the workload and understanding students better than before.


Bryant, D. P., Bryant, B. R., & Smith, D. D. (2015). Teaching students with special needs in inclusive classrooms. Sage Publications.

Gordon, D., Meyer, A., & Rose, D. H. (2016). Universal design for learning: Theory and practice. CAST Professional Publishing.

McLeskey, J. L., Rosenberg, M. S., & Westling, D. L. (2017). Inclusion: Effective practices for all students. Pearson.

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