Programmable Logic Controller Sample Essay

Programmable Logic Controller Sample Essay.

Programmable Logic Controller Sample Essay

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Choose any device found in your text in Chapter 6. Find a vendor for an example of that device. Describe in detail the major specifications and any standards/certifications associated with the device and their meaning (UL, IS900X, etc.). Also, describe an example of how the device might be used. Please provide any cost data if available. Be sure to provide a link to your source. If there are any videos on YouTube available about the type of device you chose which explains its use or operation, feel free to provide those links as well (not as a substitute for your work). Your vendor and example combination should be different than any other student’s.

The chosen device is Manually operated switches, specifically three position selector switch.

Requirements: 75 – 100 words 

Week 4 Discussion (ET 420 Programmable Logic Controller)

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Week 4 Discussion (ET 420 Programmable Logic Controller)

The selected device is the Manually Operated switch, particularly the three position selector switch. Controlled by hand, this device is used in selector switches, knife switches, pushbutton switches, and toggle switches. Manual control is performed by the pushbutton switch. The operation of the pushbutton is via closing and opening contacts when pressed. At Amazon, the price of one type of the switches (22mm Latching 2 NO Three 3-Position Rotary Selector Select Switch 2PCS (ZB2-BE101C-3) is $10. The standard or certification associated with the device is the IECEx Certificate of Conformity – Adalet. The certification is provided for conformity in the design of devices by the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC Certification Scheme, which resources used in explosive atmospheres.    


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