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After the Covid 19 pandemic, traditional learning was faced with many challenges and it resulted in many adapting to online learning.  Since then, teachers have used the proctoring software to conduct online exams and tests. This helps them to curb the issue of cheating.

Have you been faced with difficulties using Proctorio for your exams? Worry not. I am here to give you information on the Software.

I had the opportunity to experience the Proctorio Chrome extension download process firsthand. In this article, I will give you an outline on how proctoring works, how you can install your Chrome extension to Proctorio, and how you can get away with cheating on the software. Read on.


What is Proctorio?. 1

How the AI-based exam proctoring system works. 1

How to install Chrome extension on Proctorio. 1

How can I cheat on Proctorio?. 1

What is Proctorio?

As mentioned earlier, Proctorio is an online proctoring software that is used to conduct exams and tests, ensuring the honesty and integrity of the Exams.

How the AI-based exam proctoring system works.

The teachers have known the easy way to catch naughty students, in this I mean the piping toms in every class.  Most are now using Proctorio as a platform to conduct online assessments and examinations. In standard test situations, the platform keeps an eye on you to make sure nobody impersonates you during your exams. But how does it operate?

Let’s get started!

While taking exams in Blackboard Canvas or learn, Proctorio operates within a web browser to monitor your behavior.

These include:

  • Capturing video
  • Audio,
  • Computer activity
  • Navigation or similar activity

Through your Camera, the software sees what you are doing.

What else can it do?

  •  Proctorio also assists its support in verifying your identity before the exam. It then sends the information to your teacher for review.
  • It will flag you if it suspects any suspicious activities on your end.

How to install Chrome extension on Proctorio.

Just a tip for you. Proctorio is specifically designed as a browser extension.

As a student, my educational institution has adopted the Proctorio proctoring software to ensure the integrity of our online exams. I initially had mixed feelings about the idea of constant monitoring during exams but recognized its importance in maintaining a fair and secure process.

The download process:

  1. Navigating to the Chrome web store. To get started with Proctorio, I opened the Google Chrome browser and navigated to the Chrome Web Store. This is where I needed to begin.
  2. Searching for Proctorio. I typed in “get Proctorio”. The same, will guide you to use only the Chrome browser alone. Select the first link. Within moments, the extension was downloaded.
  3. Extension Permissions. After installation, I was prompted to review and grant permissions to the extension. Proctorio explained the permissions it required to perform its proctoring duties, which include access to the webcam and microphone. I carefully read through the permissions and granted them. Add Proctorio to Google Chrome.
  4. Activation: Once the extension was installed and permissions were granted, I received a confirmation message. It was at this point that I was able to activate the extension

Make sure you pin Proctorio to the browser. Next step you can click to manage extensions and ensure the Proctorio extension is turned on.

How can I cheat on Proctorio?

We will show you the easiest ways you can cheat on Proctorio. However, remember that we motivate students to perform their academics with pure integrity and honesty.

This section is just for your Knowledge.

Many of you try to cheat during online exams despite the strict measures that are put on the proctoring software.

Here are some of the best tips to cheat on Proctorio.

  1. Use Smart Phones.

This method is simple just have an additional device next to you to access correct answers. Use the method cautiously and ensure your webcam does not catch you while doing so.

  • Use Internal Projector

You can use multiple monitors to use the mirror images of your primary monitors. This trick is effective as you can wait for your friend to get you answers while watching your screen.

  • Capture video streams

This is always a more technical method to cheat on proctored exams. Why?

In this method, you need to attach several monitors to full Proctorio.

  • Use virtual Machines.

This method is easy and effective. Keep cautious using it. Your computer will work as a single computer. Here you use two operating systems in the machine where the exam is given in the host operating system while you can use others to find the answers.

  • Non–Technical Methods.

Just write exam answers on your wall or palm or on a piece of paper that you can use to access answers during exams. Ensure you do not get caught in the camera while doing so. Remember to hide them while you are doing your 360-degree room scan.

These are the simple yet most effective methods of cheating Proctorio. I hope you find the tips helpful. Please test them and practice each method before your exam. This will assist you to choose your best fit.


My experience with the Proctorio Chrome extension downloads and setup was a blend of curiosity, apprehension, and understanding. While proctoring software is vital for maintaining integrity in your online exams, it is equally important for students to understand how it works and what it entails. While using cheating tricks, be careful and remember that it is always safe to carry your academics with honesty.

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