Practicum journal entry Paper

Practicum journal entry Paper.

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How have you grown in the following area- Consider how your skills and knowledge have grown in the following

  • Leadership
  • Advanced nursing practice
  • Promoting quality improvement
  • Improving health outcomes
  • Informing health care policy

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Career goals

  • to develop skills as a nurse leader, particularly in your area of specialization – geriatrics (e.g., certifications).
  • engage in community service, and/or teach?
  • Would you plan to run for political office or join a committee.
  • What opportunities do you foresee for attending conferences, delivering presentations and posters, writing papers, lobbying, etc.

Have a total of 3 references-


American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). (2006). The essentials of doctoral           education for advanced nursing practice. Retrieved from

Practicum journal entry

Student’s Name

Institution Affiliation

Practicum experience

The DNP Essentials underscores the essence of advanced nursing. By uniquely incorporating indispensable nursing practice in evaluation, translation, and dissemination of the research into practice, the DNP practicum experience has played a vital role in my leadership skill, research practice, and promotion of quality care and patient-centered outcome (AACN, 2006). More importantly, the practicum experience has furthered the course of improving health care policy and other organization system leadership for quality improvement. 

Effective and competence leadership is requisite in DNP essentials. The purpose of the practicum experience is to improve competence, effectiveness, and influence of the leader within the area of influence. The practicum experience equipped me with thinking and problem-solving approaches, excellent interpersonal communication, and diversity respect and management skills (AACN, 2006). The experience also cultivated in me a sense of self-awareness, the creation of the effective plan and masterful execution of plans and actions. By the end of my practicum experience, I have been able to listen and easily connect with the patients even when there is negative counter interference. More so, I can now confidently give a well-thought feedback and assertively help in mentoring junior nursing officers.

The essence of Doctoral nursing and practice is to improve the health care outcome through patient management, and the development and implementation of health policy (Aruda, & LaCoursiere, 2011). In meeting the nursing and scientific underpinning for nursing, I have been able to appreciate and utilize knowledge from nursing, medicine,   pharmacy, psychology and other range of multidisciplinary subjects in the provision of holistic care to the patient. The use of evidence-based decision-making has also helped me in dealing with the complex clinical system and a problem for the betterment of the patient.

My leadership class on health care policy has expanded my scope and understanding in the sphere of hospital care and program development, evaluation and planning.  Today, I understand that improving health outcome or promoting quality improvement all start with the patient-centered approach and evidence-based practice care. My knowledge of information technology and health system has boosted my desire to improve patient care, quality and system organization. 

As my DNP knowledge expands, I am now more open and ready for my future clinical projects with much focus on geriatric patients. I am more interested in, treatment, diagnostic and patient education and awareness especially on self-medication, a common cause of polypharmacy. From both my experience and the knowledge from the literature, polypharmacy has been a rising global health issue in the current times.  I am concerned about Geriatric patient who is shown to be the major.

Apart from direct nursing practice and intervention, I am also interested in being a leader in the geriatric department to foster health care policy that improves both the quality of care and health outcomes. Since I feel more confident than ever especially on my communication and leadership skills, I am also interested in leading community health programs to raise the level of awareness and knowledge about certain illnesses.

Although I would not be much open to the idea of running for political office to get in office or a committee, I am committed to demonstrating my leadership skills and high-level judgment and evidence-based care on at any level I found myself serving (Fennimore, & Wolf, 2011). I would love to make my leadership skills known through actions and steps I make wherever I serve. However, I foresee greater opportunities of teaching, attending conferences and delivering a presentation with the aim of mentoring young and junior nursing officer on the provision of quality care to ensure the maximum and efficient outcome. I also intend to pursue my scholastics knowledge of nursing and other scientific disciplines in writing up papers on effective health provision and improvement to meet patient-centered approach or evidence-based practice.


American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). (2006). The essentials of doctoral            education for advanced nursing practice. Retrieved from:

Aruda, M. M., & LaCoursiere, S. (2011, April). Implementing DNP Essentials in Post Master’s DNP Curriculum. In 37th Annual Meeting (April 13-17, 2011). Nonpf.

Fennimore, L., & Wolf, G. (2011). Nurse manager leadership development: leveraging the evidence and system-level support. Journal of Nursing Administration, 41(5), 204-210.

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