How to write a Practicum Journal Examples

Practicum Journal and Examples

Practicum journals are essential aspects that respond to given specific prompts that ask individuals to think about one’s co-teaching experiences, observations, and interactions with students in a given school setting in a public domain. The practicum journal is written by putting into considerations aspects like:

  • They described a given event that happened while a particular individual was working on a specific day.
  • To write this journal, one needs to choose a significant event related to the learning and the development goals.
  • The journal is written about an event from the point of view of an observer.
  • The journal ought to be written to describe how the event affected one’s learning.

A journal entry in nursing is a vital resource that nurses use to support their health and wellness. It gives room for individuals to script feelings together with thoughts for a better understanding of oneself and events, together with good cultivation of self-compassion and self-awareness.

How to Write a Nursing Practicum Journal and Examples?

There are various phases that nursing experts can deploy to improve their probabilities of heaving the journals published. On writing the journals, one ought to,

Drawing on one’s expertise

In this case, one is encouraged to “write what they know is essential. The journals allow the nursing professionals to share their expert knowledge on the subject, making others develop new strategies that result in the effective delivery of health” care.

Do your research

Having “extensive research is the foundation of any given professional journal article. If the article hinges on physical research like lab work, the journal must contain a detailed description of the methodology” used.

  • Must be familiar with the nursing journals

Before submitting the journal to the nursing journal, it is essential to become familiar with the types of articles given journals tend to publish.

  • Have a difference in the health care

In this case, the publication of articles in nursing journals can make nurses have a modest extra income and another way of demonstrating their competency to potential employers.

What Is a Nursing Practicum?

It is the application of one’s nursing knowledge and skills in real-life situations and events. Below are some practicum journal and examples. You can also browse more nursing samples here

Journal entry Sample Essay Paper

Journal entry Sample Essay Paper. Category: Others Below I shared pictures of the text and the rubric/questions that need to be answered. THANK YOU Requirements: 1 page Journal entry Student’s name Institution affiliation Journal entry The passage that stands out to me is when the authors say that, "Memory does know she's about, even as she issues her unmoored invitations, returning us to the salt of early oceans, the lull of nursery rhymes, paths once travelled through green fields, the feel of august surging, insects and corn tassels brushing against bare legs as we return to a house lit against ...
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Practicum Journal on Colon Cancer Screening

Practicum Journal on Colon Cancer Screening. A 2 page practicum journal –pls cover these areas- To explain how you did this and how the number of hours were justified in this review. Did you do an in depth literature search, did you just review a few textbooks, or did you talk with others and get their point of view on areas of concern? What did you do with the information you obtained? How did this activity meet the DNP Essentials? Learning Objective(s)/ Goals Addressed Activities/Comments Goal 2: Week 4-7 Apply leadership behaviors in the practicum experience to foster inter-professional and ...
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DNP education and practicum experience

DNP education and practicum experience. Clinical Journal - 2 pages Paragraph 0ne The importance of a DNP education and practicum experience 1) Identify clinical practice issue- In this quarter- Fall prevention in the geriatric patient2) Role of leadership developed as a result of clinical mentoring3)DNP essentials to quote- “Practice demands associated with an increasingly complex health care system” Paragraph Two- week 8 focus on Diabetic and hypertension patients and created a care planFocused on hedis measures such as – diabetic retina check, functional status assessment and medication review Paragraph 3- Week 9 Reviewed my fall prevention protocolOrganized meeting with staff ...
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Practicum journal entry Paper

Practicum journal entry Paper. Page 1- How have you grown in the following area- Consider how your skills and knowledge have grown in the following LeadershipAdvanced nursing practicePromoting quality improvementImproving health outcomesInforming health care policy Page 2 Career goals to develop skills as a nurse leader, particularly in your area of specialization – geriatrics (e.g., certifications).engage in community service, and/or teach?Would you plan to run for political office or join a committee.What opportunities do you foresee for attending conferences, delivering presentations and posters, writing papers, lobbying, etc. Have a total of 3 references- References American Association of Colleges of Nursing ...
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Week 8 Response Journal Paper

Week 8 Response Journal. okay I would like to talk about race and i have attached the references you should be able to use for that topic Name Professor Course Date Week 8 Response Journal Race is defined as a group of individuals who share given characteristics, not always physicals ones, and belong to a similar bloodline. Usually, human beings have varying physical appearances for instance hair texture or eye color and thus its surprising to say that racial variations do not exist. Regarding race a myth, therefore, reveals that human beings see the concept as socially constructed in efforts ...
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Journal Essay Sample Paper

Journal Essay Sample Paper. Order#J22316092 Journal 5 about 300 words Pages: 1 Deadline: 5hrs this is journal about 300 words and I will send more documents to make it more clear Journal Plumbers are not less humane than other individuals in society, and teaching them Plato means that the author is fighting for equality in society. The central claim by Samuelson is that education ought not just to be about STEM subjects, which entails science, technology, economics, and mathematics. Plato in philosophy is vital concepts that ought to be learned as an approach to avoid insubordination in the subject matter ...
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Journal of Transnational Medicine Review

Journal of Transnational Medicine Review. 11 JOURNAL ARTICLE REVIEWS Overview: You may submit two reviews. As per the grading matrix, only your best will count toward your final grade. Again, you may submit two (no more), and I will take your best score. Guidelines You may ONLY review articles found within peer-reviewed scholarly journals.You may ONLY review article from a journal. Journals must have a publication date within the last five years.You are only permitted to use one article per journal (edition).Your reviews MUST be based on the concepts being discussed during that section of the course.You must provide a ...
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Kidney and Lung Interaction Journal

Kidney and Lung Interaction Journal:- Describe how the kidneys and lungs compensate for each other when the function of one is abnormal. must be font size,times roman font style! Hello don't make it look to professional thanks!. Its a journal not a paper or an essay. JOURNAL. Kidney-Lung Interaction Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Kidney-Lung Interaction There has been an increase in the awareness of the kidney-lung interaction, and it has spread widely. Numerous studies are carried out to link the two organs in their functions and malfunctions. These studies may help clinicians to predict and consequently prevent multi-organ dysfunction ...
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Week 3 Nursing Practicum Assignment

For this practicum assignment, you will identify a vulnerable, at-risk population in your community. You will examine the challenges currently facing members of this group and the resources available to assist them. You will gather information from a variety of sources. A vulnerable or at-risk population can be defined as a population with a commonly identified risk factor or risk exposure presenting a threat to health. Examples of at-risk populations include, but are not limited to the following: For this practicum assignment, you will identify a vulnerable, at-risk population in your community. You will examine the challenges currently facing members ...
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Pediatric Sleep Disturbances and Treatment

InstructionMUST BE ONE PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLE PUBLISHED IN THE LAST 5 YEARS. I attached a video on how to complete it and the actual document itself. For this unit I need the article to be done on Parasomnia (sleep walking/talking) in kids ages 3-6. Like it states in the instructions, you need to compare it to your own life experience so if you want to talk about your own experience go ahead, otherwise just make something up please. When creating the cover page just leave my name blank, I can fill that part out. Please cite the website you ...
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