Plane coordination Mathematics Essay

Plane coordination Mathematics Essay.



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Linear Algebra

Plane coordination

In playing the battleship game, one has to find and sink the opponent’s ships that are hidden in different spots on the board. The instructions required each party to call out one shot, a letter and a number, that would be the attempt to hit one of the opponent’s ship. To apply the letter and number called out, the player assigns it to the respective point on the board. Here, algebra’s concept on plane coordination is applied. For instance, my opponent’s first guess was B2, I moved on the plane to locate column B vertically and row 2 horizontally to locate the B2 spot. If it is a hit, then another over is made by either shifting the letter or number to the next one say B3 or C2. If it is a miss, another set of coordinate on the plane is chosen until a hit is attained. The plane coordination concept was used in locating the guesses and moving along the board.

Set theory

The game of SET involves 81cards where each card is determined uniquely by four characteristics each with three possibilities: number (1, 2, 3), shape (ovals, diamonds, squiggles), color (red, green, purple) and shading (solid, stripes, open). The game’s goal is to find and call out a set until all cards are exhausted. Here, a set is defined as a collection of three cards where in each characteristic all three or exactly one possibility is exhibited. For instance three solid cards with the same number, say 2, make up a set regardless of whether the shapes or colors match. Therefore the game applies the concept on set theory taught in algebra. In the above set, a notation that the cards have a solid fill and the number of drawings in each card is two was used, that is (solid intersection two). Generally, the game first present 12 cards. From the 12 cards one can then identify specific cards for instance the notation for both red-colored both diamond –shaped cards would be (red Union diamonds). To select those that are strictly red and diamond shaped the notation would be (red Intersection diamonds). Clearly the games applies different concept on set theory in attaining its goal.

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