Physical Security Clients Assessment

Physical Security Clients Assessment.



Physical Security Clients Assessment

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Select a specific site for this assignment. Perhaps select a site that you are familiar with, such as your work setting.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper on in which you discuss physical security and the importance of the following components:

Building security

Grounds security

Access control systems

Perimeter security

Information systems and technology security

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Physical Security Clients Assessment


Campbell (2014), defines physical security as the protection of people, software, hardware, as well as prevention of actions that could lead to damages and losses. Additionally, physical security addresses the protection of individuals and property from natural disasters, technological disasters, acts of terrorism, and a break-in. In most cases, technical security is prioritized on, overshadowing physical security. This paper will evaluate physical security at my workplace, Ace, which is a consulting firm with a wide range of clients. Some of the aspects of physical security that will be addressed include; building security, grounds security, access control systems, as well as information systems and technology security.

Building security

According to Campbell (2014), building security usually involves measures that reduce susceptibility towards possible threats. At Ace, building security has been achieved through the use of different techniques. First, the building is made of bricks with a strong foundation to withstand any extreme forces. There are two entrances and two exits, which are always locked during non-office hours. Additionally, there is an emergency exit door at the back of the building, that is rarely used. All the entries in the building are equipped with motion sensors and alarms to detect break-ins. The alarms notify both the local police agency and the management of the organization, and only the manager can deactivate it. The windows are also made of plastic glass, with grills installed for additional security. This makes it difficult for intruders to have access to the building using the windows. Smoke and heat sensors are installed inside the building to help detect and respond to fire scenarios effectively and efficiently.

Ground security

Ground security at Ace is also given priority to ensure that there is no potential threat that is underestimated or ignored. As Kozlow & Sullivan (2000) assert, ground security is meant for the provision of protection for a building, equipment, and maintaining the correct operation of available protective devices. The ground security within the organization is maintained by the use of surveillance from CCTV cameras as well as security personnel. The cameras are installed at strategic positions, ensuring that there are no blind spots within the whole compound. Additionally, the security personnel from a competent provider have been hired to improve on surveillance. The personnel are required to make regular checkups and report to the central security command in case the notice anything outside of the ordinary. They are usually provided with communication gadgets to ease the dissemination of information. The parking lot is given priority during surveillance to promote the safety of vehicles.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems have been described as being useful in the control of individuals who access a particular premise (Hutter, 2016). For employees of the organization, electronic cards are provided, and they are used to gain access at the control points. Turnstiles that are managed electronically have been installed at the entrance, to deter intruders from gaining access. Additionally, scanning and imaging systems have been put in place to inspect the luggage that individuals do carry. This has turned out to be effective in detecting metals or other prohibited materials. For visitors, a valid reason for visitation has to be provided, or present evidence of appointments. Badges and visitation tags are provided to them, and they should have them whenever they are inside the organization’s premises. For vehicles, an inspection has to be done, to ensure that they do have any harmful materials or explosives. At the control point, only authorized vehicles are allowed access, one at a time.

Perimeter Security

Ace has boosted its perimeter security through the building of a concrete wall installed with an electric fence and razer at the top. Gates are used as the only entrance and exit points, ensuring that anyone who needs access will need to undergo routine checkup. Additionally, the gate has hardened hinges and locking mechanisms, preventing break-ins and vandalism. Security personnel are also mandated with the task of monitoring perimeter security. Surveillance cameras and dogs are used as an aid in ensuring security is maintained at all times. At the entrance, mantraps are used to lock an individual until their identity is confirmed. This measure is essential in delaying and barring unauthorized people from having access.

Information Systems and Technology Security

The information systems and technology are a vital part of security as they can be vulnerable to hacking and illegal access (Hutter, 2016). Due to the digitization of information at Ace, technological security has been emphasized to improve the safety of clients and the organization’s data. The hired IT experts do regular monitoring of all systems installed, and advice appropriately. Additionally, employee passwords and security details are updated within short intervals for additional security. Firewalls have also been adopted for the protection of digital data. Computer hardware undergoes checkups and servicing on an annual basis, but they are not limited to this duration only. Internal awareness campaigns are also used to advice on malwares and phishing techniques that may be targeted to gain information from the internal systems. For internet access, local area network is used, limiting accesses from outsiders.


In conclusion, Ace consulting firm has used a wide range of techniques and equipment that are designed to improve on physical security. The building techniques allow it to withstand external threats as well as natural disasters that may occur. Ground security is well maintained using security cameras and personnel, while control points limit the access of unauthorized individuals. A concrete wall sets a boundary and separates the organization from the outside, providing more security. In terms of information systems and technology security, different steps have been laid out to improve the safety of data and information.


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