Physical Geo: Rock Identification Paper

Physical Geo: Rock Identification Paper.

These are two different labs for an online class in Intro to Physical Geolog

One lab requires Google Earth. It can be downloaded onto a computer at no cost.

Rock Identification

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Sample NumberRock NameTexture (Foliated or Non-Foliated)Type of Foliation if foliatedMineral CompositionParent RockType of Metamorphism
39Met conglomerateNon-foliatedN/ARock fragments, quartzConglomerateContact
40Anthracite coalNon-foliatedN/ACarbonBituminous coalContact
41GneissFoliatedGneissic bandingFeldspar, mica, quartzSchistRegional
42AmphiboliteFoliatedSchistoseAmphibole, plagioclaseBasalt or GabbroRegional
43SchistFoliatedSchistoseMica, quartzSlateRegional
44PhylliteFoliatedPhylliticQuartz, mica, chloriteMudstoneRegional

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The compilation of Edrisi marks an era in the history of science. Not only is its historical information most interesting and valuable, but its descriptions of many parts of the earth are still authoritative. For three centuries geographers copied his maps without alteration. The relative position of the lakes which form the Nile, as delineated in his work, does not differ greatly from that established by Baker and Stanley more than seven hundred years afterward, and their number is the same.

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