Physical Education Sample Essay

Physical Education Sample Essay.

Physical Education Sample Essay

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Assessment is critical in physical education since educators employ them to assess their students’ abilities and levels of fitness in class. Evaluating trainees in physical education demonstrate what they are teaching in class others, such as parental figures, educational authorities, and other school staff. Students’ abilities and knowledge are also demonstrated through assessment. Assessments are required to inform educators, parents, and pupils of aspects or abilities that require improvement. Assessments are also utilized to demonstrate the value of PE classes to others.

Grading is a method for teachers to examine every student’s results and learning. Letter grades, percentages, and even a simple pass/ and fail are all options for grading that I would personally use as a future educator. Additionally, I would use   Subjective materials, such as essay writing, laboratory projects, reports, and exams, which I would use as a future educator. Involvement, attendance, effort, and classroom behavior will also be part of my grading. On the other hand, assessment is utilized as a criterion to quantify student achievement and frequently includes grade analysis. Assessment is not just about grades. As a future educator, I would analyze my students’ strong and weak points from past grades.

Cognitive ability tests, standardized intelligence assessments, and character and based on culture fit tests are tools used to assess clients, patients, or future employees. Assessments are crucial in my future profession because they help me gain a complete picture of each student’s or patient’s strengths and abilities.

By incorporating and enhancing policies and practices for physical activity in the school setting, such as physical exercise lessons. A teacher creates adequate behavioral resources to assist students in improving performance assessment items for health-related fitness (Sinclair& Babkes,2017). By concentrating and inspiring their strong points while inspiring them to work on their weaknesses. I will develop excellent opportunities to support clients, patients, or future employees in improving performance assessment.

Fitnessgram is a wellness youth fitness gauge that assesses the level of fitness required for decent general health using evidence-based benchmarks. Its purpose is to let s Students know their fitness levels and analyze the correlation between health and fitness. It is also essential to improve physical education initiatives in schools and raise awareness about child’s welfare (Sinclair & Babkes,2017). I chose the Aerobic Capacity Test to run one mile, and the equipment that will be used is a stopwatch. It is more efficient to conduct these assessments in the gymnasium after each session. I have been through aerobic capacity tests before. I recall it being a fantastic experience that made me feel in shape. If I were to give someone an assessment, I would warm up and stretch first to make them feel more at ease.


Sinclair, C., & Babkes Stellino, M. (2017). Pictorial playground-based physical activity assessment instrument: uses and applications of the ADL-PP. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance88(3), 16-21.

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