Pediatric Sleep Disturbances and Treatment

MUST BE ONE PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLE PUBLISHED IN THE LAST 5 YEARS. I attached a video on how to complete it and the actual document itself. For this unit I need the article to be done on Parasomnia (sleep walking/talking) in kids ages 3-6. Like it states in the instructions, you need to compare it to your own life experience so if you want to talk about your own experience go ahead, otherwise just make something up please. When creating the cover page just leave my name blank, I can fill that part out. Please cite the website you used in correct APA format, along with a functioning link to the journal article attached.

Journal Review

Journal Name: Journal of Translational Medicine

Tile of Article: Pediatric Sleep Disturbances and Treatment with Melatonin

Journal Date: 2019

Authors: Esposito, Sussana, Laino Daniela, D’Alonzo Renato, Mencarelli Annalisa, Genova Lorenza, Fattorusso Antonella, Argentiero Alberto, Mencaroni Elisabetta.

Part I:

Introduction: Sleep disturbances are common among young children, and physicians experience difficulties in differentiating them from normal changes affiliated to age. The disorders could occur as sleepwalking or talking, which are dangerous activities.

Pediatric Sleep Disturbances and Treatment

Methods: The study undertakes a review and analysis of prior research works to arrive at its findings on the use of melatonin treatment for sleep disturbances.

Sample: Children and adolescents aged between 0 to 18 years were the sample size under investigation for the research. The article further reviews the different factors that affect the sleeping patterns amongst these children.

Results: The reviews made indicate that there is no framework for improving sleeping patterns amongst affected children. The results of the review highlight the causes of the disturbed sleeping patterns, which include biological, behavioral, and medical, in a bid to assess the efficacy of melatonin.

Analysis: The analysis incorporates a review of previous studies to determine the safety of melatonin on children facing sleep disturbances such as parasomnia. In particular, the physiology and application of melatonin on various types of sleep disturbances are assessed

Discussion: The study found that melatonin is a safe drug for sleep disturbances caused by neurological conditions or other sleep problems provided it is administered as per the patient’s neurological pathology.

Part II:

According to Esposito et al. (2019), sleep disturbances could result in dangerous activities such as sleepwalking or talking, which is a common disorder amongst children. I am a victim of a road accident that almost claimed my life due to parasomnia. My parents had gone the extra mile to monitor my sleep patterns as a strategy of ensuring I have scheduled wake-up calls. This strategy was aimed at ensuring that I have enough sleep and adopt a specific pattern of sleeping and waking up. Esposito et al. (2019), notes that medical treatments such as administration of benzodiazepines and melatonin are effective measures of treating parasomnia. However, I made several visits to the hospital, but the drugs I was issued were not of much help. Esposito et al. (2019), has made me realize that the drugs did not work for me since they did not match my neurological pathology.


Esposito, S., Laino, D., D’Alonzo, R., Mencarelli, A., Di Genova, L., Fattorusso, A., Alberto, A., & Mencaroni, E.          (2019). Pediatric sleep disturbances and treatment with melatonin. Journal of Translational Medicine,      17(1), 77.

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