Parenting Styles Essay Sample Paper

Parenting Styles Essay Sample Paper

Parenting Styles Essay Sample Paper

Parenting Styles Essay

Parental styles are used by parents to impact on development and growth to their children. These parenting styles are authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and neglectful (Doinita & Maria, 2015). For the authoritarian parenting style, it is strict parenting style where parents are less responsive but have high expectations to their children. The authoritative parental style is a style where parents are responsive, supportive, and nurturing but they limit their children (Nyarko, 2011). In this style, there are high chances of producing successful leaders in future. Moreover, the permissive parental style is a parenting style in which parents are not demanding and kids are allowed to regulate on their behavior and choices and they do not have many responsibilities. In a neglectful parenting style, it is a parenting style in which parents don’t respond to a child’s desires and needs beyond clothing, shelter, and food. Below is a reflection on authoritative parenting style that my parents used toward me.

In my experience, my parents taught me on how to be respectful to other people. I received good social skills through the authoritative parenting style. I was taught on the benefits of respecting my seniors and those in authority even if they are disrespectful towards me (Doinita & Maria, 2015). I grew up with these social skills and I could obey rules injected by the administration. Due to this, I am confident and respectful to others with whom we share the same or different geographical areas. I was taught the importance of love and affection since it helped to relate well with others. As a result, I view everyone to have a social benefit in my life.

Additionally, I was taught on how to be responsible and to make life decisions. I was encouraged to make life preferences and decisions. This allowed me to become rebellious through my adulthood. I developed this rebellion from resenting that I could think and decide on myself. This helped me to view life challenges more realistically (Kopko, 2007). I was told what to do and also what to avoid. Through this, I learned to make any decision independently since it allowed me to choose which career to pursue and able to make the profession that made me successful in the future.

    Also, I received good regulation and emotional control in my parenting. My choices were highly appreciated by my parents. Whenever I thought of anything good, my parents would listen to my opinions very attentively (Doinita & Maria, 2015). My thoughts were highly respected, and through the nurturing, I was able to involve my caregivers in whichever decision I made. I also understood that not all decisions would be accepted and received opposition if the decision was not necessary at my stage. I was regulated on my work performance and received motivation. This helped me to develop reasonable emotional control towards my parents. Parenting Styles Essay

                 I could not understand why my parents could raise me with an authoritative approach. In my mind, I had unanswered questions on why rules were insisted on me. I could not understand that all this was done for my future success. When I was taught how to make life decisions, have a good friendship with others, respect those in authority, and be independent but I viewed it as abandonment. I understood all these teachings. I can make life choices in my adulthood such as pursuing my career, choosing a life partner, and making primary financial preferences (Nyarko, 2011). Through respecting others, I can relate well with everyone, even those that are not respectful towards me. I can share ideas with people, which have eased my life, making it successful.

As a parent, I will use the authoritative parenting approach since it has the best outcomes for my children. I will listen to my kids and encourage them on the importance of being independent. I will be strict with my children for good moral behaviors and explain my consequences and reasoning in my rules, leading them to appropriate actions (Doinita & Maria, 2015). I believe that I will have the best nurturing and warming parental styles. This will also make my children encourage others in future. Using this parenting approach will help my kids to make life choices, preferences, and to be independent. I will listen to my children’s explanations about what they did and why it was done. I understand that when I raise my children in an authoritative approach, my children will grow up with social respect to the society, have confident, and will be willing to learn new abilities and skills when challenged by any problem.

According to the reflection above, all the four types of parental styles are different from each other. However, authoritative parental style is used by many parents in upbringing their children. However, authoritative parental style helped to become more successful in future. Due to this, I can recommend on all parents to use this parental approach since it is helpful. Parenting Styles Essay


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