Open-Book Reading Essay Paper

Open-Book Reading Essay Paper.

Open-Book Reading Essay Paper

HIS 101 Chapter 1 Open-Book Reading Quiz

  1. Which of the following is NOT true of Clovis peoples?

They were farmers before arriving in America.

  • Which of the following is NOT true about maize?

It was grown in Europe before Europeans went to the Americas.

  • Because they felt the gods had sacrificed themselves to create the sun, the moon, people, and maize, the Aztecs felt obliged to supply the gods with vital energy from what source?

Human blood.

  • In Native American societies, such as Algonquian and Iroquoian culture, women were respected, but never given any leadership roles.


  • What happened to the Indios who failed to bring Columbus the required quota of gold?

One of their hands were cut off.

  • When the Italian John Cabot claimed “new founde lande” for England in 1497, he did not know that what Europeans had been in that area before him?

The Vikings.

  • While the Caribbean Sea served as Spain’s gateway to the Americas, their motives in the New World were expressed by one soldier as …

To serve God and the King, and also to get rich.

  • Favored conquistadors and officials received encomiendas. What were they?

A huge amount of land and control over its inhabitants.

  • The expression “tribal department stores” refers to…


  1. Which of the following are NOT associated with Roanoke?


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