Online professional learning community essay

Online professional learning community essay.

Online professional learning community essay

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Discuss how you, personally, like to communicate and review some of the different collaboration tools discussed in the reading and that you review as you work to complete the collaboration tool grid.

Discuss how these tools can support your team as you work on assignments throughout the course.

According to the files attached, describe what can work and what might not work and what your team can do differently in the assignments.

Each team member should recommend at least one tool or technology and suggest how it might help support team collaboration. Respond to your peers and reflect on the tools they suggest and your willingness to use them throughout the course.

Requirements: 400 words   

Module 5 Journal Entry 1

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Module 5 Journal Entry 1

Communication is one of the most important components of our lives. It influences how people connect with one another in both personal and professional situations. The foundation for the building of respect and gratitude is proper communication. It also improves in a person’s cognition and the topic of a talk. To communicate effectively, you must understand the emotional basis of what you’re saying. Knowing how to communicate effectively at home, in the workplace, and in social settings can assist to deepen one’s bonds.

I love to communicate through active listening. While communicating, as an active listener, I devote my total concentration to the person speaking. An active listener must put aside ideas on what to respond to and focus on comprehending the message (Moore, 2018). Active listening, nonverbal signals are crucial because they indicate to the speaker that we are paying attention. Aside from that, motions and facial gestures might be utilized to affirm to the speaker our entire engagement. When you listen to someone, you are not only hearing but also understanding what they are communicating.

Team cohesion can help our group as we work on assignments. Team cohesion is the range of influences that impact individuals to keep them in the group; an assignment group with objectives and a shared goal is an example. Team participants accept project control and are jointly liable for team achievement (Moore, 2018). Team cohesion is a strong determinant of team success.

Mental models can also help or group in completing group assignments. The significance of team mental models is the necessity of shared and structured knowledge of essential information – for collaboration and team success. The core concept of Mental Models is to complete complicated tasks in any setting and with high-performing teams who have an equal understanding achievement (Moore, 2018). Being on the same page, group members must have a shared vision of all factors necessary to complete a specific team activity successfully.

In an endeavor to accommodate the demands of each person in the group, member’s prefernce in a group task might provide considerable obstacles. Due to the possibility for laziness, unbalanced effort, and a lack of attention on the task at hand, participants’ choices impact the efficacy of group projects. When dealing with the preferences of members, disagreements will develop owing to differing viewpoints achievement (Moore, 2018). Some individuals find it impossible to accept perspectives that are not their own, which could cause the group to fall apart.


Moore, J. A. (2018). Exploring five online collaboration tools to facilitate a professional learning community. TechTrends62(6), 612-617.

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