“On Golden Pond notes” Sample Essay

“On Golden Pond notes” Sample Essay.

"On Golden Pond notes” Sample Essay

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Please watch the movie linked below this, in the content section. You will want to reference the “On Golden Pond notes” PowerPoint for this assignment. While watching, make a list of examples from the video as follows…

5 examples of Biological Aging (i.e. Norm could not see the paper).

5 examples of Psychological Age.

5 examples of Social Age.

1 example of Chronological Age

The examples can be from any of the characters and should be descriptive enough for me to understand why you chose it as an example.

Then write a ½ page telling me what you thought about/learned from the movie.

Requirements: 1 page  

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The movie On Golden Pond is a beautiful one because the performances of all the actors are top-notch. The movie portrays the essence of making peace in the past as well as on love issues. In the movie, a long-standing conflict exists between father and daughter, but they make peace at the end of the movie. The movie also studies aging. According to the movie, everyone ages differently, whereby some aging can be chosen while some cannot. The characters can always choose how to deal with aging in their different stages of life. Aging is categorized as biological, psychological, social and chronological age. Examples of biological aging include; anxiety, and threat which can be a more important source of motivation in the second half of life. Examples of social age include; a widow having an affair with a man who is more than five years younger than herself. The social status of individuals decreases as they become modern and interact with the environment and the person affecting aging. Examples of psychological age: Each individual faces a series of crises throughout their life in which both vulnerability and potential increase. Examples of chronological age include; first period consisting of youths and persons between 35-40 years and the second period consisting of persons above 40 years.

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