Obesity Problem Sample Essay

Obesity Problem Sample Essay.

Obesity Problem Sample Essay

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The purpose of the Persuasive Essay assignment is to choose a topic that has some debatable issue. You will then take a position on that issue and write a 2 full-page Persuasive Essay trying to influence you to accept or agree with your position on this issue.

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“The Obesity Problem Cannot Be Solved By Exercise Alone.”

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“The Obesity Problem Cannot Be Solved By Exercise Alone.”

American’s are gaining weight at an alarming pace, according to recent research data. According to the CDC, the typical U.S. adult was 12 percent obese in 1990 and 23 percent obese in 2005 (Bischoff, & Schweinlin, 2020). Recently, certain southern states have been hit worse than others by this issue. Obesity is linked to the use of processed foods, which have been reduced to almost nothing before being reconstituted with sugars to sweeten them up. The ‘metabolic syndrome’ includes obesity and other health problems, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammatory illness, heart disease, autoimmune disease, and cancer. Obesity is becoming more and more common in the United States. Obesity illness and treatment choices are not well known or understood by the general US population. The health institutions continue to struggle with the problem since there is little literacy among the affected individuals. There is an assumption that obesity is inherent, and some people assume that they are bound to be obese or overweight. Others have the belief that there is nothing they can do to solve the problem. The following argument focus on helping people understand why exercise alone will not reduce obesity due to poor dieting, environmental and social factors, and genetic characteristics. 

Poor Dieting

Exercising alone won’t get lead to obesity. Regardless of how much an individual exercise, whatever food they eat determines whether they achieve the expected weight goal. Therefore, if a person goes to the gym daily and eats foods with excess calories, they will not lose weight (Umaru et al., 2021). In any case, they may end up increasing in weight due to the extra calories. When a person consumes an excessive amount of calories, their weight rises. Calorie intake occurs when you eat anything. For example, when a person regularly consumes high-calorie foods, they are more likely to gain weight and become obese regardless of how much exercise they engage. People’s modern lifestyles have grown so sedentary and stressful that they don’t have the time to think about what they’re eating or when they’re consuming it. Food timing, calorie charts, and balanced eating plans are seldom followed. Because of this, people end up becoming obese and suffer as a consequence. To successfully move from an obese position to an average weight in the weight chart, they have to commit to eating clean. Eating clean means reducing calorie intake, drinking a lot of water, and eating correctly. Otherwise, if a person exercises and still eats a lot of fast foods, they will be doing zero work.

Genetic Connection

Even though exercising is essential in reducing weight, it is more profound for some people than poor dieting, and it is deep-rooted in their genes. Therefore, however, how much they exercise or starve themselves, they may not be able to shed any significant weight (English et al., 2018). An individual’s metabolism is influenced by genetic variables, making it difficult to lose or gain weight. For example, if obesity has been a problem in one’s family for many generations, one is more likely to gain excess weight.  For such individuals, they must try other complementary approaches to solving weight loss. To ensure that obese persons can reduce their weight problem, they should use complementary procedures to solving the problem, such as surgeries (English et al., 2018). Some of the surgeries that can help solve genetic obesity include bariatric surgery such as gastric bypass.

Environmental and Social Factors

Considering environmental and social factors, exercising alone may not help reduced obesity. The affected persons need to make changes in their environment and social interactions. People believed that obesity was only caused by excessive food intake and a lack of physical activity. On the other hand, experts have discovered that a person’s surroundings and social circumstances may also contribute to obesity (Bischoff & Schweinlin, 2020). For instance, if an employee have to go to late-night parties or get-togethers at work all the time or, when a person is stressed, one is more inclined to eat unhealthy foods like junk food or things loaded with sugar and fat. Likewise, if one’s family tends to consume fast food or junk food regularly if that’s the case, bad habits like smoking, drinking, and other vices will come easy to the individual, leading to obesity gradually. Therefore regardless of how much a person works out, their environment and social factors play a role in determining whether they can shed the excess weight.

Reducing obesity in an individual takes more than just exercising. There are many other factors that a person would consider when taking the weight loss journey. One of the things one needs to understand is that poor eating while exercising hinders achieving weight loss goals. The obesity problem may be genetic, and one may require medical intervention. Besides, the environment and social interactions have to be conducive to getting rid of obesity successfully.


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