Nursing Simulation Scenario Review Essay

Nursing Simulation Scenario Review Essay.

Nursing Simulation Scenario Review Essay

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Describe the error in this video and what do you think about the scenario.

Nursing Simulation Scenario: Medical Error

Describe the error in this video and what do you think about the scenario.

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 Nursing Simulation Scenario

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Nursing Simulation Scenario

The video gets concerned with medication errors that get caused by nurses within hospitals. Firstly, the nurse gave Kelly, the on-coming nurse, a couple of pills that she took out. Kelly has messed up without checking the medical record that upholds HIPAA regulations. The patient complained about the kind of material he needed to ingest with the drug (Montgomery College, 2011). The nurses distract the treatment of Mr. Walters by assigning Kelly to check on another patient in another room. Poor medication choice of pills seems to affect Mr. Walters, who bleeds. He bleeds from the nose, with his blood pressure getting high. The pills that get used on Mr. Walters never got administered appropriately by the nurses to understand the proper treatment method. It is a pure case of negligence that can cost the life of the patient when attending to medical cover. Patients have the right to better medical care to help improve their living conditions. Kyle needs to ascertain the medical condition of Walters before offering care.

Secondly, Kelly gave Mr. Walters Coumadin without checking his abnormally high INR, causing bleeding. Kelly was reckless and did not confirm the INR of the patient first. The medical information of Mr. Walters would have helped prevent any bleeding from him (Montgomery College, 2011). Nurses need to get professional when handling patients to prevent negligence that violates HIPAA regulations. I think some nurses do not take their work seriously and professionally. They work in hospitals for the sake of performing their daily tasks without respecting patient lives. There is a need for the government to conduct adequate training of nurses to help improve health standards. The regulations of treating sick people need to get increased at all times. The life of patients needs to get considered sacred to abide by treatment regulations.


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