Nursing simulation sample essay

Nursing simulation sample essay.

Nursing simulation sample essay

Sentinel City: Practical nursing through a simulation


College Of Health Professionals, Western Governors University

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Sentinel City: Practical nursing through a simulation

Sentinel city is an online simulation that is used in nursing studies to better create conditions for analyzing and developing solutions within an environment. This is an aid for students and interested parties to better relate the real world with occurrences and conditions within the city which are hard to come by for most students. The result expected is learning through the identification of problems and seeking solutions. The interactive creation allows for students to have the basic requirements in nursing and at the same time saving on the costs of placements. This paper presents that basic of this learning and the skills it endowed

                                                        Assessment of sentinel city

To access the city four criteria are provisioned. This is, demographics, neighborhood safety, scavenger hunt and windshield survey. On the demographics, the elderly and the children constitute the least margin in the population. The approximate population is 1,000,000 who reside in four neighborhoods namely nightingale square, Acer tech Centre, caster park district and industrial heights. The incomes per household are variant depending on the neighborhood of residence with nightingale residents being well off and industrial district being the least. This also corresponds with insurance data as the former are well insured compared to the latter (sentinel, 2020)

Neighborhood and safety is the second deliberation in this assessment. It is seen that there is a large population of rats, stray dogs and cats loitering around the city. The buildings in some neighborhoods are dilapidated with gang signs graffiti, written on the walls. The use of alcohol and drugs is evident. However, it is distributed across the four races that reside with the whites taking the larger margin and the Asians the least (sentinel, 2020).Scavenger hunt details the service providers in the city. Parks and recreational facilities provide space for exercising, Better Health Clinic provides multidisciplinary healthcare soup kitchen provides meals and Affordable housing project provides homes and income data relating to tenants providing in the buildings.

Windshield survey provides data on the infrastructure and way of life in the city. Buildings and structures are old and rundown. The city is primarily urban and comprising of many streets and small lots and lawn in homes. This leaves little room for trees and gardens due to the many streets. The formal way of movements from neighborhoods is walking with buses, cars and bikes being used around town areas. There are also recreational facilities with several activities going on such as schools evident by children playing furthermore, there is wholesome traffic and human interactions. Graffiti show a sense of art within the city showing a culture in play in a multiracial community. Culture is also seen in the various Italian restaurants around the city and a prominent catholic religion dominance. There are also signs of political activities from the posters and information sources such as billboards a warning against cigarette consumption and a radio station that is centered on the dominant English language spoken. (Sentinel, 2020)

Health risks and needs

When collecting this data, there are several essential details in regards to my observations that necessitate address to ensure the health and safety of the Populous. I have identified the health risks about sanitation, hygiene and lifestyle. The health risks identified are; Diarrhea and cholera, rabbits, lung cancer and complications during childbirth. Diarrhea, cholera and rabbits can be attributed to a large number of stray rats, cats and dogs which come into frequent contact with humans and the supplies of foods and water. Lung cancer and related complications are evident by the consumption of cigarettes which is prevalent in the city. Complications during childbirth is a critical health risk. The number of teen pregnancies is on the high and considering the ages of these girls, problems related to pregnancies and childbirth peak as an issue that needs quick address (Sentinel, 2020).

Three problems area

There is an objective that is set by medical practitioners in regards to health risks and practices in a resolve to ensure reduced fatalities and an end to such problems. From the identified problems, we can relate a few with the HP 2020 goals/objectives to understand the impediments and control. To start with, smoking us cigarette smoking is widespread in the city. The resultant effects of tobacco use include lung cancer, heart diseases and stroke and reproductive effects. In HP 2020 goals, there is a need to control this use through taking measures such as increased tax, enacting restrictions to smoking, finding programs on tobacco control and a reduction to tobacco advertisement (Office of disease prevention and health promotion, is diarrhea and cholera, these two have been associated with many deaths globally. They are a result of poor sanitation and hygiene. HP 2020 goals and objectives deliberate on frequently washing hands and maintaining hygiene around one locale. Through promotional strategies, the HP 2020 goals institute learning on these necessary measures especially in schools and facilities to help counter the prevalence of these diseases and symptoms (Office of disease prevention and health promotion The third is the complications during childbirth in young adults. The HP 2020 goals seek to reduce the number of adolescent and young adults death related to pregnancies and birth complications through the creation of awareness and advocacy towards reduction or a complete end (Saunders, 2020).

Discussion of community resources

Health concern

1. Tobacco smoking

Community resources

1. Better clinic

2. Community Centre

Primary prevention topic

Cigarette smoking has been identified as a health risk that can be easily averted. This is the primary prevention topic that should be addressed in sentinel city. Some key measures that could be taken are increased tax on tobacco, an end to advertisements and awareness creation on the effects of using tobacco.


Basing on sentinel city, I have been able to engage the simulation in real world context that enables clear understanding and improvement of already theoretical knowledge learn in class. This exercise has equipped my skills in identifying health problems in society and deducing relevant information from various sources such as the HP 2020 goals. I hope to apply this skills in my community to better deliver health care and offer solutions to problems beforehand especial in relation to sanitation, hygiene and lifestyle.


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