Nursing Research sample essay

Nursing Research sample essay.

Nursing Research sample essay

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As a researcher, you have to consider multiple factors when formulating a research question or hypothesis. Through your clinical rotation, you have been able to observe current interventions or procedures that may differ from what you have read in your textbooks or are being taught in this program. This is a dilemma because of the time it takes to translate research into practice. In pratcie, you might have likely developed clinical questions comparing the effectiveness or usefulness of certain interventions/treatments to another or the gold standard. Think of a time during your most recent clinical and your knowledge about research question and hypothesis from the assigned chapters. Respond to both by answering the questions that follow:

  • Formulate a research question on (for example) handwashing, patient turning or prevention of the spread of COVID-19.
  • Identify how a researcher will test these questions
  • State the research question as a hypothesis
  • As a researcher, what testable criteria will you consider for this hypotheses?
  • ****** referencing in APA 7th edition style (make sure to include in-text citation). Sources should not be morethan five years old.

Requirements: 250-300 words   

Nursing Research

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Nursing Research

What is the effect of washing hands with soap on COVID-19 risk in the community?

A researcher will test for the questions by conducting interviews and administering questionnaires to different people in the community. Interviews ensure direct observation of people’s hands to be seen to understand the effect of soap (Abtahi‐Naeini, 2020). World Health Organization’s health care regulations for preventing COVID-19 spread required washing hands with soap, keeping distance, and wearing a mask. The majority of people have adhered to the rules to avoid contracting COVID-19.  Thus, interviews would allow people to provide their thoughts on the effects of soap on their hands. Correspondingly, administering questionnaires would help a researcher test the question of soap effects on hands. People would produce their opinion on the research question.

Washing hands with soap do not prevent the spread  of COVID-19.

As a researcher, I would apply testable criteria of sampling the number of people who use soap to prevent the spread of COVID-19. A sampling of all people using soap to wash their hands during the pandemic will be vital. Most people apply soap to sanitize their hands to prevent contracting COVID-19. I would determine the validity of the hypothesis after one week that people in a particular area have used soap. I would evaluate the reaction from people whether soap has been integral in preventing them from contracting the pandemic or not. Sampling is significant for determining the complaints of people who wash their hands using soap.


Abtahi‐Naeini, B. (2020). Frequent handwashing amidst the COVID‐19 outbreak: prevention of hand irritant contact dermatitis and other considerations. Health science reports, 3(2).

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