My Ideal Personal Computer

My Ideal Personal Computer.

Examine the architecture and configurations of computing systems by writing a brief paper describing your ideal personal computer. State your main use of the computer. For example, the following may be some of the main reason(s) you need a computer: Internet, word processing, email, graphics, or multimedia. Make sure you describe a workable computer! Include all the hardware components and software you will need to be completely functional. NOTE: This paper is a narrative with explanation of why you are selecting different features–PLEASE DO NOT JUST PROVIDE A LIST OF COMPUTER FEATURES. Your paper should be at least a page long. Use the special feature buyers guide as a reference or any of the following links:,, and

My Ideal Personal Computer

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My Ideal Personal Computer

My ideal personal computer would be used for word processing. The computer would have other functions and uses such as getting access to the internet, emailing, multimedia, gaming, and graphics. The computer has two major parts, the hardware components and software components that are used simultaneously to ensure the functionality of my computer. My computer is majorly used for word processing which therefore requires the use of both software and hardware.  My paper is divided into two parts detailing the software and hardware components used during word processing.


For any software to operate, it requires to utilize at least one hardware component. Word processor is software uses many hardware components for functionality. These components are the computer processor, hard drive, monitor, keyboard and the processing unit these components help in the creation and saving of documents (Rankin, 2016). The ATX mid-tower computer processor is used to execute program commands such as the ones in word processor. It is also the brain of the entire system and moreover has cooling fans to prevent overheating. The eSATA hard drive is used to store the documents by the word processor in either the RAM or the ROM. Additionally the hard drive is used to back up data and documents in the word processor for future uses. It is also faster than other drives hence more efficient (Rijken, Martinez, Chen, Austin & So, 2015). The computer also has an AMOLED display monitor that enables ease of use of the computer and also has a clear HD display of information on picture documents and graphics in word processor.

Software Components

My computer uses Microsoft word as its software, which is part of the Microsoft Office. The software enables me to create, edit, print, read and share files easily. It also helps in the polishing of the documents through the availability of certain linked features in the software such as Grammarly. It also provides templates useful in instances where I have no idea on how to write the format of certain documents and files.


Rankin, K. (2016). Hack and: papa’s got a brand new NAS. Linux Journal, 2016(269), 4.

Rijken, C., Martinez, J., Chen, S., Austin, P. W., & So, C. W. (2015). U.S. Patent No. 8,984,176.Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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